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  1. my favourite words to read on stake are poor halp bust hate my life
  2. nice, hope you won something though🤣
  3. I am getting a little old but I am always in for some good hardstyle music to bring back the good old memories https://youtu.be/j-d7-KZW0YI
  4. @max42 I do not calculate the value myself. I have account with over 40 different bookies. I use special third party software that tracks the value bets every single second of the day. So I just link all my bookies to the software and the software does the rest. If there is a value bet in one of my attached bookies I get a notification and I just have to place the bet without thinking or calculating. The software gives the bet, auto logs in in your bookie account, fills in the betslip. you only need to add the bet amount and confirm the bet. So it is easy peasy. even without 0 knowledge
  5. think February you need to go to Asia or South America for some nice weather. I also went to South Africa around that time a couple times. Its summer time with them around that date
  6. I know its easy to purchase BTC, done that many times. But I know a lot of my contacts that struggle to change PayPal to crypto or vice versa without paying enormous fees. no I dont have any idea myself to launch such things but I have a lot of friends that struggle to exchange PayPal to crypto without paying huge fees. I know there are many different ways. I personally never use PayPal. its just because of the chargeback possibility leaving the seller with nothing. So it would be great if there was any kind of middle man service that for example uses escrow to complete the exch
  7. I am using asianconnect as well. For me its the only way to gamble on the sharp asian bookies. Recently I am also using sportmarket. They offer the same kind of service like asianconnect does but they also have an automated betting service which automatically places bets on the highest odds of there partner bookies.
  8. just quit. and to be sure you have the good mindset than you just quit when you just bought a full package of cigarettes
  9. I recently started with putting some BTC available in lending and margin platforms. I feel more secure putting some money over there than putting it in a gambling platform. Recently I have added some money to Poloniex and Bitfinex. they both offer margin trading. traders can 'borrow' your coins at a fixed interest rate. I made some nice returns with that and there is no possible way to get scammed over there. the traders that borrow the coins are not able to withdraw that funds or any funds while they have an outstanding loan. and to be sure you also receive your money back their own coins act
  10. yeah I have seen some banned as well but this can only be because they break some rules or conditions. You actually are permitted to have as many alts if you want as long as you dont abuse those alts in some way. If you just use them for just gambling than its all ok but as soon as you abuse your alt coin in some way and they find out they will get banned
  11. I have seen this appearing here in the forum multiple times and I read it on a lot of forums. It seems to be pretty difficult to exchange your crypto for PayPal EUR or USD. I have been searching the net and also I cannot find lots of opportunities to exchange to your PayPal. There are a few like on LocalBitcoins but they sometimes (mostly) charge outrageous fees. For example buying BTC with PayPal on LocalBitcoins has a 1000€ spread. So you pay over 10% commission on the trade. would you guys be thrilled if there was a website that offers the opportunity to sell your crypto, not only BTC,
  12. nattekut


    lol dont know that game
  13. I always prefer by plane. when I was younger I did some road trips with friends across Europe but since I have kids I always pick the convenience of an airplane.
  14. none, I have never played on a playstation my entire life. i consider all such games as just a waste of my precious time
  15. any wallet you have the private keys from is a good wallet and preferable to be a hardware device. I have a couple online wallets such as blockchain,coinbase or coin payments for tiny transactions but 99% of all my crypto are on hardware wallets and paper wallets. I am not taking any risk of loosing assets because I didnt held the keys of my pwn wallets. Then its your own fault if you loose coins
  16. not a single game. Playing games in your free time is just the biggest waste of time there is.
  17. nattekut

    Mobile Games

    probably I am almost the only person in the world but I do not have a single game installed on my phone and I never have played 1. I just find them an absolute waste of time. Maybe it is because I have been a self employed business man since my 18th. But I have more useful things to do with my free time. I do not play games on mobile and I even never touched a playstation or xbox console. When other 'kids' where playing games back in the days I was already working on my first online business which was an online shop for darts equipment. I started this webshop when I was 16 with a 5,000€ f
  18. you decide yourself which btc address is used to send the withdraw too. Deposit address is always the same but yourself can withdraw the coins to any btc address that you have. I do not think that people can track that easily if a transfer is send from a crypto gambling platform unless the casino shared their address somewhere publicly. If not I will not be that easy for others to track where your incoming btc transfers come from
  19. of course we have faith and strongly believe in crypto. I strongly believe crypto Btc or another currency can become the back up for fiat money. there will be a day in future that crypto will overtake the entire financial world
  20. I have been using this site a couple times and must admit it was useful in some occasions
  21. I'm already an old man. Back in the days this all were huge series. if I look at them now I know it are shit series but well back in the days I really was looking forward when one of those was on television
  22. im not watching television that often but I always like the prison break series. and really back in the days I liked magnum pi and the A team but they are from many years back showing I am getting old. Some good series from back in the day baywatch magnum pi the A team airwolf matroesjkas and many more. ow boy I liked those days
  23. I do not think its useful to educate kids to early with this. but I do think it would be a nice thing that kids from 15-16 years old should have the option to add this course to their regular program if they want to
  24. lol I am from another generation. Marvel does ring a bell but I have no shit clue what DC
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