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  1. I have a good wife that also likes to gamble from time to time. She does not care if I sometimes am hours behind my screen to gamble, play poker or to place sport bets. The only thing she wants is that I put as much time that I spent gambling to please her.
  2. Recently most sport books started adding e sports betting. I personally think a sports book cannot ignore esport betting anymore just because esports grew out to a billion $ industry followed by millions of people around the world. So if stake is launching a spotsbook it would be just normal to add esports as well. Even though I do not know shit about it. With my 36 years of age and grey hair I am not part of the esport generation. Probably also because I have never been interested in gaming. I can also proudly say I never had a playstation, Xbox or some other gaming console. The only th
  3. You should better start with contributing useful things to the stake community and the forum. There is not a single site that rewards people just for contributing to the forum and the payouts you receive for contributing is way higher than all those shitty faucets you can claim on other sites. So my advice keep contributing to the forum and rewards will come. I sometimes have posts that reward me 4k satoshi for a single post or reply that I post. So that is way more than you can earn on any other faucet site
  4. I think a persons reputation on stake is very important. Unfortunately there still are a LOT of people that do not care about their reputation and just beg for money or scam good reputable members by running with their money. They will always be around and they will just keep creating new alt accounts to keep doing what they are doing. Me personally I care about my reputation. I admit this is my second account and do not use the old one anymore cause some idiot ruined my reputation I build on that one based on lies. So I decided to stay away some time and only a couple months ago came bac
  5. I personally do not believe in meditation. for me a cigarete and beer are sufficient for my gambling sessions
  6. betting huge all in always ends you up screwed.
  7. you have a couple good ones. I for example have 2 wallet apps on my phone namely coinbase app and blockchain app. I can store multiple currencies on both the apps.
  8. firstly I do not let a stranger or a trustful person to handle my crypto assets. Everything I have is managed by myself wether it are my crypto holding or my real estate or other real life assets. But do not worry everything is arranged very well. My wife knows where all my private keys are stored and knows all passwords. Couple years ago I made up will with a notary in my town and whenever there happens something with me everything will go to wife and kids. And if something very bad happens with me and me, my wife and kids die at once then there is in my will that all my crypto holding
  9. Every day is a good day to trade. I am trading crypto professionally and fulltime since 4 years now. And there hasn't been a single day during those 4 years that I didn't made a trade. But depending on the market situation I change my trading strategy. If there is some kind of bear market I start stacking up my long term holdings. And during bullrun I systematically start selling parts of my long term holding at specific profit targets. This is not that hard. But it cant be done on a daily basis. You buy and keep for weeks or even months. My most active strategy is in daytradin
  10. sharing your wallet address isn't such a big deal and there is no risk attached. Its like sharing your bank account with someone that needs to make a money transfer to you. They only thing they would be able to do is to check the balance of that wallet address. But if you rather want to keep that information private than this can be simply done. I never share the BTC address of my hardware wallets cause there are my holdings stored and no one that wants to send me BTC needs to know how much BTC my wallet contains. For receiving BTC I mostly use wallets that have a new BTC address with eve
  11. I keep all my crypto on hardware wallets and I have some paper wallets as well. All of them are securely stored in a safe so I am sure it can't be damaged by fire or storm. Beside that I also keep multiple copies of my private keys on different places. I have small safe boxes in different banks and I have stored my private keys and copies of them in 6 different places. So If in some way I loose my ledger, Trezor or something happens I always be able to restore my wallets. I guess only an atomic bomb that ruins all the places where I store my keys then I will loose my crypto but probably I will
  12. I like using LTC for gambling and if I need to transfer some crypto fast. Then I sometimes convert my BTC to LTC and execute the transaction. I also have a bag of LTC in my long term holdings just because it is one of the most common and popular currencies but beside that I have no further affection with LTC. I hold about 50 different coins in my long term bags just for the money.... not for some technology or something else behind the currency
  13. simply....just for fun. I love playing stake just to have some fun and to relax a little after or in between some work. Stake is just a fun place cause they have a great team, nice games and a very active and fun community.
  14. I did not affected my life. and I think you better shouldn't have bragged to much cause half of your claims are falls according to your stats. winning the 1BTC can be right if I check your stats but how in earth can you have won 6BCH and 99LTC if your wagered total in those currencies s only 1BCH and 4.7LTC and both are also in loss. So you can never have won 99ltc and 6BCH.
  15. my nickname nattekut is flemish/dutch for wet pussy. not gonna tell but just imagine why I choose that nickname 😂
  16. I do not care how the multiplier is calculated. I am pretty sure I will never hit that combo anyway. I rather stick to my 181x or 2147x by hiting 3 or for aces in a row with an extra random.
  17. I achieved that goal already a couple years ago. I was very fortunate to run a couple successful businesses in the past and invest in crypto early. I am already into bitcoin for some years and was very lucky to have bought for less than 50$ per coin. Same for ETH. I invested in ETH even during the ICO so I got ETH for peanuts. After that I had a couple more nice hits like for example buying BNB (binance coin) also during one of the ICO stages
  18. hilo to chase large multipliers with the hilo bot. mines to initially build my bankroll in a steady way. plinko to bust my remaining balance
  19. nattekut


    I was very surprised as well that they invited me to become vip. I think they main reason is how you are wagering but I think contributing to the community helps as well to become a vip. Otherwise I wouldn't know why I got invited. I am not playing here that long and the amounts that I wagered are not huge. But I am very thankful. In this way you get appreciation when you are a player that deposits regularly. Cause without people depositing it would be impossible for stake to give back that much to the community.
  20. I never call it back luck when I loose on stake. I just think.... well I had some fun while loosing. I would rather call it bad luck if one of my companies goes bankrupt or when I wake up and BTC is at '0'. Thats some bad luck. But loosing a couple 1000 satoshi on a daily basis I don't call bad luck... I call it gambling
  21. yeps spot on. I really do not care when loosing. But if I would I would withdraw my initial deposit as soon as I managed to double the initial deposit... even if it only was a 5$ deposit. Gambling is exactly the same as putting money in investments. In investments it also is most important to get your initial amount back as soon as possible and keep speculating with your profits. This is the only way to become rich. Making profits on top of your profits is one of the most powerful financial tools which is called compounding. But in gambling its not that applicable so its most important t
  22. I do not put many effort in changing seeds all the time. I think changing your seed frequently does not determine if you are going to have a winning or loosing streak. Some players say you need to change your seed when you hit a nice score. But I have hit multiple 1000x or higher multipliers in 1 day all in the same seed. And same happened to me when I changed the seed after ever 1000x or higher hit. So for me its not that big deal.
  23. I didn't even made any effort to find a referral. Think streaming your own sessions and attract a lot of viewers can help to get sign ups. Also the massive amount of giveaways can convince new players to sign up. I think the possibility to make 0.2ETH for free every single day can be a good motive to convince new players to sign up
  24. yeah maths behind both games is almost similar. only payouts and multipliers are some different
  25. nattekut


    Me personally I do not like sentences with strategy/ safe and gambling in 1 sentence. Firstly gambling is not safe. Doesn't matter what chance multiplier you take you always play against the house and with gambling (certainly casino) there is the factor luck. It does not happen very frequently but loosing 10-20 or even more in a row does happen. Secondly there are no real strategies. you can do martingale or any other blablabla strategy but it just depend on luck. Those so called Strats can bring you some profits in short run but eventually you will loose against the house. Thirdly gambling is
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