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  1. very interesting question, I thought he was the only one with this kind of idea, the truth would be a dream come true, where I was not surprised that he was now. I leave my discord to tell me about this discovery ❤️❤️❤️ alobiun#2992 Thank you
  2. I must confess that the wheel is the games I use the least, as the plinko seems like a quick way to bounce your XD bet. regards
  3. Sin duda el Lamborghini, color verde metalizado es el coche de mis sueños. 😍
  4. hears!! The truth is that I usually amaze with the proposed topics, just a few days ago fuel theme in my circle of life XD, I feel it is a very interesting and respectable custom, but I would not adopt it, I am a lover of God's gifts, and this Of course it is a way to provide ourselves. 😋🐷🐮🐔
  5. excellent idea, green seems good, or what if each could change its color would be a good proposal. regards 🤗🤗🤗
  6. I am not a fan of the wheels, it is true that the game on occasion but it is not my favorite games I have other options, now video poker gave a special touch to the stake.
  7. Challenges and rain definitely, I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with other people, see what I like a bit of crypts because this is really satisfying, personally, the game of my favorite pages. 😍
  8. from back to forward 🙂
  9. very interesting interesting topic, in my case is the name of my mother, but ahead of time, that is my personal nick, it is strange because I recently touched the topic with my best friend who does the same as me. XD🤗 regards
  10. I congratulate you, video poker my favorite game was waiting for someone to publish his happiness, that many more arrive XD
  11. zero problem, I am very interested that the community continues to grow in fact this tests the people we really are. Greetings from Colombia😛
  12. Personally I did not like the new changes, it's the game, less the use, so you have to have less than 30 percent chance of success, regretfully, change your direction both good and bad, I think there are better options 🤗
  13. Hola stakes, soy nuevo en el foro y fascinado con el mundo criptografico, espero recibir algún consejillo nunca sobra y reciban mi conocimiento con gusto estaré a la orden confieso mi juego favorito en el nuevo stake es el video poker, mis comiensos en el mundo de las apuestas. mucha suerte a todos