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  1. white iversoooon. when i started ballin i was youuung
  2. dont worry i will always update you on everything going on in my life out of boredom
  3. i had this happen. i was playing roulette and i bust then the next roll when i was playing with the faucet which is only 5 sats i got 3 aces in a row i think it was might have been 3 kings not sure but since i was playing with such a low amount i just kept on playing and i ended up loosing the bet which was a bit annoying
  4. oh i should have realised that, why beg when forum is so good for getting btc ive already withdrawn from forum twice ahah. thanks for clearing that up
  5. im pretty good thanks, bit irritated as got home had bought a munch box that was not cheap and was delicious, i leave the room for 2 minutes to go get water and my dog had left me with the onion salad and the mushrooms. this was after she tried to jump in front of cars while i was taking her on a walk. such a stupid dog ahah
  6. goodluck. my username is Swoleisthegoal