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  1. I rarely use the x2 button because I prefer to play flat or allin, once at that time I intended to want allin and already click x2 it turned out instead to click the 1/2 button and I realized when I had made a card option in Hillo payout 4 it turned out that it only could a little bit turned out I did not do allin but click the 1/2 button and it makes me very sorry because it did not cover the defeat so I did the card re-election and lost
  2. I also think the same as you want to go back to see all the coins that came in whether it was from the rain or from a coupon because now it is very confused to see it, if only all could go back to where we could see all the history of coin income and expenditure.
  3. as long as I have a balance to play gambling then I will continue to play gambling but if my balance runs out then I will stop even though I only play gambling no more than 5 minutes, but if I have more money to make a deposit then I will make a deposit so I can back to playing gambling.
  4. maybe if you can see the progress of VIP someone then I'm sure many people will hide their profile status so this will also be useless to do by the web because in the end many people are hiding their status.
  5. I think all the support teams at stake are very helpful once we have a problem, so I really like everyone on the support team, and the one thing we really like is their very fast response when we ask
  6. I never made a promise not to play gambling but I promised to stop playing gambling when I got a 10 BTC win lol, and that too if the price of BTC is above 10k usd then I will really stop.
  7. I often do hunting for payouts above 1k when playing limbo and it hurts the most when I try to recover defeat because if I continue my balance it's not enough just a few rolls then I managed to hit 1k payout more and it was very painful
  8. welcome and join here, have a nice day
  9. yes this should be realized but as I know when we claim a deposit bonus there are often conditions that must be done like we have to bet in a certain match or maybe we have to reach several times the total new deposit we can make withdrawals.
  10. I learned about this site from my friends when I was playing on the gambling website which at the time was going to go bankrupt and then I got here after a few months of stake, but because at that time the stake was very heavy to open on my PC so I didn't play until the end of the year 2018 and I will be playing here again after the beginning of 2019 lol
  11. I rarely rest when I'm in a win because I prefer to keep playing until I make a withdrawal or maybe my balance runs out, because I rest in gambling when we have made a withdrawal or no longer have a balance.
  12. I have known the stake form to be dependent on funds from the forum so that now I rarely make deposits and when I don't have a balance sometimes I go too far to make topics or comments on the forum until I am hit by a warning from support
  13. in my opinion it is a good thing for developments in stake because when we exchange coins it means that we will also be charged for the exchange service it will increase revenue for the web
  14. I do not plan to continue to play at stake throughout the 25th, because maybe there will be a lot of time with my family to spend together at home, but if there is spare time even though a short time I will play on the web.