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  1. if I play keno, I like to use 9 number boxes to look for payouts 5, 20, etc., but I can't afford to play keno for a long time because every time I play keno, it always takes my balance, and it really sucks
  2. I love to gamble and even when I'm with family I still love playing gambling through my phon and I can't leave my gambling habits. even when I am working, when I have time to rest I always take the time to log in on the web stake and play gambling even if only briefly. I don't really like spending a lot of money on gambling even though I like to gamble.
  3. for some players to start a small bet maybe they only do free rolls and will use a large basebet when it reaches the free roll limit, but if for players who have a lot of balance they prefer to play with a large basebet because their balance is indeed large so if they rarely do free roll.
  4. my family knows I love playing gambling but one thing I told my family, I played gambling will not use household money to play gambling, and will not doubt the property in the house.
  5. haha kalau saya sudah pernah liat secara langsung gan namun pas masih kecil yang bikin sebal kalau ketemu yg kaya gitu jangan kan berjalan lari pun susah asli ane sama teman2 waktu perasaan dah kenceng banget itu lari tpi pes nengok ke belakang masih tetep di jalan di tempat sampai saya sadar lalu baca ayat suci baru bisa lari menjauh dari tempat tersebut,
  6. when we are in a very bad day anything can happen even though we have a lot of balance if it is not good then we will always lose. I hope today and the next day is your best day
  7. wah kebanyakan masih bingung di awal awal y maen slotnya namun untung bisa profit. waduh percobaan yang gagal itu tante semoga nanti bisa mengulangi permainan slot dengan mendapatkan JP. ternyata pada bingung liat payout dan aturan bermain sama sseperti saya di awal awal bermain klo begitu haha
  8. bener gan ini saya kejar bronze setelah selesai liat chalenge vip ternyata bbnya mengerikan buat saya yang hanya mengandalkan forum sama hujan hehe iya saya liat ternyata vip khusus member sultan itu. jadi yang saya liat ternyata chalenge vip rewardnya besar dan basebetnya juga besar jadi buat ngikutin chalnge tersebut harus memppunyai modal besar bukan modal nekat haha
  9. thank you for sharing strategy and information, maybe I will try it if there is an opportunity and balance lol, actually I don't like the blackjack game because in this game only relies on payout 2 and it requires a large amount of capital so as not to be affected by longred
  10. slot game in instant mode in my opinion is not very similar when we play plinko using instant mode then the game is not fun, so I prefer to play slots without using the instant menu because it is not wearing.
  11. maybe for the first time we will always get complicated every time we find a new game and we have never played it, but it will not last long because if it is the beginning then everyone needs adaptation.
  12. yes if you see the price of the coin tends to survive is not affected by the BTC exchange rate but whether the stkae will see in terms of where the coin is worthy or not added to the stake game usually see the number of requests from the players.
  13. fortunately I'm not like most gamblers like you mentioned but it's not like I'm almost like they want to risk all my possessions but there are friends who often remind me not to play like that.
  14. I prefer to play with doge or xrp coins but it's not that I don't like other coins because only in those 2 coins I can get profit but when playing with bitcoin it's always difficult to achieve profit so I prefer doge coins.
  15. I have played all the games in my stake, but there are only a few games that I play regularly, namely Hillo Limbo dice if others might play when there are challenges in the forum or already feel bored with the game that I like.