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  1. DICE: 15,029,468,800 placed by cukup2 on 22/01/2020 Wagered 0.00005200 Multiplier 1.010200023651123x Profit 0.00000053
  2. kalau dalam permaian sport saya lebih senang membagi 3 bagian dalam bertaruh atau juga 4 bila bermain multi bet dengan ods tinggi maka saya pasang 10% 10% dan trun ods sayang pasang 30% yang terahir sayang pasang semua saldo saya di tim yang menurut saya akan menang. strategi tersebut enaknya ketika tim unggulan menang maka saya berkesempatan menang juga dengan ods tinggi.
  3. maybe my choice when looking for a high multiplier and I quickly chose Limbo because in the limbo game the high payout is not as difficult as dice and sometimes in the limbo game also I often get a lot of luck.
  4. maybe if at Hillo we can already see it when we will choose the card it will be high or low different in mines we do not know how much payout will be obtained when we select several boxes, maybe this will be needed in the game mines.
  5. I hope this will continue until the end of this year and will gradually increase
  6. good idea I also really want to save a bet that I think is very cool and it will be hard for me to repeat again, hopefully this year there will be a change in it, we'll just wait if this can be seen from the stake management
  7. I rarely use vault because in my opinion if there is still a balance in my account then I can't stop playing, I am more comfortable with not using 2fa because it makes me complicated and indeed 2fa is very safe when used in an account that has a balance Lots
  8. in my opinion the minimum amount of bronze rating is already small where I have never found a gambling website that gives ratings to players and they like to be given bonuses and that I found only at stake.
  9. to look for a quick win maybe I will play in the casino but if I want to play only looking for fun of course I will choose sports and for now playing casino is very difficult so I prefer to play in sports
  10. I prefer to play by looking for high payouts and playing with small capital so if I lose not too much but if I'm lucky then in a few days it will be a big enough win for me, but it rarely happens simultaneously.
  11. I feel happy when playing gambling when I managed to get a high payout and it is a satisfaction that I feel, even though when I calculated I lost a lot of time and my balance.
  12. I still have a long way to raise my VIP status from bronze to silver, maybe because now I rarely play with making deposits because I am tired of making deposits with a losing end.
  13. saya tidak mengetahui tentang harga dari sebuah koin crypto akan naek atau turun , namun harapan saya semoga aja btc naek lagi harganya
  14. maybe when you think of creating a new account after your main account vip will be easy to achieve, but if we don't have enough balance it will be very difficult to do it indeed it will look beautiful when we get monthly and weekly coupons, but I believe that they who have a lot of paltinum accounts they experience a lot of losses.