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  1. Are you wondering what IEO is all about? Is this similar to ICO? How does it work? And many more questions might be striking your mind right now!! An Initial Exchange Offering ( IEO) is the crowdfunding strategy that enables crypto projects to fundraise directly on exchanges. Check out IEO guide: https://coinpedia.org/information/what-is-ieo/ What's your thought on IEO?
  2. Yeah I suggest, Toast Wallet is best, I know Traders get confused to choose which one is good, safe, Reliable. Because I have come across this situation. The Toast Wallet is safe to use as it operates only on the Ripple Network, so we are secure here. Perhaps more importantly, the wallet seems to have a positive impression within the Ripple community. https://coinpedia.org/crypto-wallet/toast-wallet-review/ Let me know other best wallets for Ripple!
  3. Are you excited to know about this crypto exchange? Coinpedia presents you the complete and detailed Gemini exchange review which will lead you through every terms and corner. Let’s find out more about this Exchange https://coinpedia.org/exchange/gemini-review/
  4. Before trading first check out its user's reviews and detail information about the particular exchange. Is it user-friendly or not and most importantly security . Here is some list of top trading exchanges based on its security and user review. https://coinpedia.org/exchange/
  5. what is EOS price predictions 2019, and what can enhance EOS growth? Well, on complete research from different sources, I have summarised the EOS Price Prediction in detail here: https://coinpedia.org/information/eos-price-prediction/ Read My article and let me know your review and how much you are expecting in 2019?