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  1. I didn't come to this point yet and hopefully never.
  2. Sure, As soon as I have new. I'll share here
  3. Thank you for the reminder It's done.
  4. Yes. It is a Sport Related Topics. It was a Free Soccer Betting Tips.
  5. Premier League * March 30 Man United vs Watford Under the leadership of Ole Gunnar Solskjær this United side rarely loses out on a 3 points and seems to motivate this extremely talented team to provide strong performances week in week out. In recent weeks they have had to deal with many injuries, and since have started to implement Lukaku back as a centre piece to this squad and they having a large amount of success. When looking at Watford, they seem to concede large amounts of goals against the top 5 teams, and I do not expect them to be able to stop the likes of Lukaku or Pogba from forcing their way through their defence. Bet Man Utd @ 1.45 - https://bit.ly/2TxfWxv (www.odsy88.com)
  6. My dear, Looking forward to have multiple accounts with one bookmaker doesn't mean you are planning for some dirty works. I think only a full time/good bettor/player would understand.
  7. Betting Broker is also kind of betting house that offer multiple sports books available with their portfolio. You could have 1 or more products without being limited (especially if you are a winning customer) and restricted. They will be the one to create your account with the bookmaker anonymously. They act like a middle between a player/bettor and the bookmaker as they are the agents of the bookmaker. They can be a bridge for you to have a multiple accounts with bookmaker. For example.You have a direct account already with Sbobet and you want to have another one which most of the bookmakers doesn't allow. You could open a new one under the service of Betting Brokers. And sometimes If you open an account directly with the bookmaker especially for Europeans, There is a high possibility that your account will get limited if you are a winning player. Using bitcoin as your payment method in the Brokerage service is one of the advantages If you hate submitting documents to verify your account. With my the current brokerage service I joined, they promote anonymous betting where they won't even bother to ask my NAME and other personal information's except for my E-mail address, phone number and country which is okay for me as their service is also extended via Whatsapp so I don't even bother to contact them via live chat or e-mail if I have concern for my deposit and withdrawals.
  8. Single Account : They offer differents account available with their portfolio. For example. You can open Pinnacle and Sbobet under their service. Unlike when you use bookmakers who actually offer their own product plus having a possible chance of getting account limited especially when you a re a winning customer. Anonymous Betting : Your accounts will be created anonymously. Without your Name, Birthday or any other personal data. Some Brokerage service will still require you to submit documents but they keep it with high confidentiality. Best Odds : A betting agent will always provide or give you the best odds. No County Restrictions (Most of the Betting Agent) : A frustration of many serious punters who want to take their betting to the next level is the fact that many bookmakers are not available to them simply because of where they live. Using a bet broker will allow you to bet with these bookmakers as your broker is simply placing the bets on your behalf.
  9. Argentina Primera Division I March 12, 2019 * 06:00am Tigre vs Union Tigre have regained their hope since coach Nestor Gorosito’s arrival. Last time out, the side turned the result around to beat Velez Sarsfield 2-1 away, with two goals from Federico Gonzalez. Following their third consecutive success in the Superliga, El Matador remain sitting in a relegation spot, but only four points from safety. Tigre earned 28 points this term, with 14 of them arriving at Jose Dellagiovanna Stadium (three wins, five draws and two losses). Union Santa Fe weren’t able to handle Damian Martinez’s sending-off last weekend and ended up losing 3-1 at home to Boca Juniors after taking the first lead through Franco Fragapane. That result put an end to the team’s two-game winning streak and El Tatengue remain occupying a Copa Sudamericana spot accumulating 30 points. Union grabbed 15 of those points away from home, with four wins, three draws and three losses. Union Santa Fe will certainly be tough to beat, but I still think Tigre should be able to extend their winning run here. Home win. BET: Tigre DNB @ 2.85
  10. I am just suggesting and telling here that Pinnacle is a good choice of book based on my personal experience. Sorry for my english. ^^
  11. Have you tried this book? I love you this book. Good for arbitrage betting, they offer multiple lines/margin. like their odds when it comes to basketball, soccer and tennis
  12. I mean no verification needed unlike other brokerage site who ask for many documents when you want to withdraw or open an account. For Sportoddysey they open and create your money immediately as soon 1 confirmation of your transfer.