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  1. @mistaker okay u are saying That, The people who not catch the rains they dont catch it cuz they dont make a deposits for me Almost everyday I make a deposit and lose and sometimes iwin and am wagering too am playing all in so that make scene that my wager not much but am already made the required wager and am active almost 10 hours at least perday and chatting too . And this my last deposits for this month and the last month :)) see it well
  2. @Flan u are mod there thats good so check the chat logger and see how am chating lol u know yesterday on primedice iwas chatting and active for like 10 hours ; u can ask there and during my chat only who caught rains same users and the offline and during my 1p hours activity and chatting didn't even caught single one and on stake maybe the same and some users also complain about this point
  3. @wry First thing . i do as i wish so dont tell me what should ido and find other place its not ur job to tell me this ; second thing if am betting on certain site and this site say our rules 1;2;3 so they must be serious about what they written ; third thing . Ididnt say stake is dishonest i just said the new update of rain bot not fair with all and same users take it thats not mean that the whole stake is dishonest ;)) understand my words before u write next time and note: Dont force the old users to hate the site by ur way of talking
  4. Agree seriously rain bot became sucks only certain people who catch rains and mods and support keep say wager and chat am wagering and active on chat and i get nothing on primedice too iwagerd and busted 80 bucks and was active for 10 hours on chat not caugh single rain and same users take rain and offline users also take the rain stop calling it fair please
  5. Now primedice and stake made a condition to be in the rain list that u have to wager 1000 usd thats to filter bots and spammers etc.... So iwagerd morethan 1000 usd on stake and not catch decent rains seriously and on primedice i wagerd morethan 1000 usd and nothing changed too so .. Stake can make a new conditions that any account below the bronze should wager 1000 usd easy per week to catch rain thats gonna filter the spammers that creat accounts to receive rains and vip users starting from bronze till diamond gonna receive rain easy without wagering that 1000 usd per week thats gonna be hard on the spammers to creat more accounts and reach bronze to catch the rain thats gonna be fair enough cuz ikeep lose without any rain thats make us more boring cuz sometimes we need to play after busting so after bust no rain no money even lol that make us feel boring even to deposit on stake and on primedice and many user complain about this and also withdraw fee became too high seriously stake and pd become worse anyone agree about this please reply here and thanks :)))
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