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  1. thats true! i think i can pull long hours in safe low risk betting but profits will not be that high. hmmm, when i watched some video on youtube, scripts work. but its just the same if you manually put the exact same settings. its a good strategy if you want afk right? hahaha but so risky if you just leave it hanging.
  2. lmao, hahaha whats the longest run for auto you've done?
  3. really? thank you for that. i think its possible if low risk betting and you have huge amount of coins.
  4. yeah i know you will lose but, how about low risk bets? like you have 1btc but your betting on a low amout and impossible to bust even on hours?
  5. Hi guys, noob here, I just wanted to ask if is it possible to play an auto game for example dice, mines or roulette for a long period of time without even losing? like up to 10 hours of straight auto game without stopping? just wondering if it works
  6. when i play, i always keep my profits in vault and keep my capital.