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  1. @dolphinpuke I accept! Mainly, because with a name like DolphinPuke you just can't go wrong. Haha
  2. Says the guy with a creepy doll face as his profile pic... anyway.... here is my second one. = ) less creepy I guess. ; )
  3. I would love to see some aggregated results of the bots good work. = ) Pretty nifty there!
  4. DICE: 2,343,380,228 placed by Lillyflow on 14/01/2019 Wagered 0.00000256 Multiplier 990x Profit 0.00253184 I just noticed.... my bet isnt enough to qualify. Dam. I will never get another one. I know it is a disqualified bet id. I am leaving it here so others do not make the same mistake as I did. Bet the minimum - unless you are a bozo - like I am. : (
  5. poof of my follow, comment and thumbs up. = )
  6. I used to work in a casino and we had regular incidents of players who would sit in the same seat for 10, 20 hours- one woman wore huge diapers and she would shit. and not do anything about it. That was the worst one. It was actually awful and eventually security had to physically escort her to the employe nurse station to give her the ultimatum that she either had to clean it up or be banned. She cleaned up and went right back to the same machine.
  7. 😎Welcome to Stake Bjorn. You are fun to play with, as I discovered recently. I hope you win lots and lots. Enjoy the adventures to come.
  8. Haha what about days when you feel invincible and you accidentally max bet and lose immediately? That sucks too. grr.
  9. This is an interesting topic because something happens to people when they play, it is hard to see for me - at the moment- since I am utterly and totally busted with all kinds of friends that can't be reached. Surely, if I was out there tipping as usual, they would all be available. I do have a few truly good friends who have proven their loyalty in the darkest hours. @Furlicious @Ivanyoung80 @badger @bmg @77kdub @KinAniK oh it wont let me tag anymore for some reason. There are more, but you get the point. These are people that I can say I have been on the outskirts of gambling and they have in one way or another helped me out of a crisis or just seemed to have my back when it really mattered. Wish I could tage Leo, Waldo, Milky, Wry, Ravenyvolle, Eminx3 and even Robbie ( wtf is your forum name Robbie? ) Any day I can succumb to the dumb-fuckery of the dice and become a total beast. I wish It weren't so, but alas, I get the fever from time to time.
  10. It gets better and better around here, that’s for sure. I mean, in terms of user friendly features and cool updates . My luck could use a darn boost. But, alas, that’s sort of a different topic. Good job at making Stake a regular stop many times in my average day. Xoxox
  11. I do not deserve any cheers yet. Let’s see if I land it. 🤪
  12. Hanvee, you are better at getting your idea to be understood than 90 percent of the people alive. I am serious . I adore you. You sometimes put the words in a funny way, but you always are easy to understand, for me. ❤️✨❤️✨❤️ I consider you a true friend. I think our communication is flawless. 🤗