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  1. Click the link to join in the fun!
  2. Hey Stake Forum folks! Streaming any minute with tons of fun always. Tips flying around and if you stay through the whole stream you will be awarded with a higher luck ability in the next stream. Analytics speak, so cant fake it. = ) Note: I will not tolerate any person who dares to try and win prizes from multiple accounts. That is called stealing from your friends and it sucks. Don't try. Pick one and go with it. = ) Prizes will be going to viewers for various tasks and games - it will be fun fun fun. https://twitch.tv/lillyflow Come on - click the link to be led to your destiny, for at least the next 4 minutes. Must be there- today is a lucky day - watch n see! WIN_20180904_00_18_23_Pro.mp4 WIN_20180904_00_18_23_Pro.mp4 https://twitch.tv/lillyflow
  3. Lillyflow

    Last letter game!!

  4. Lillyflow

    Ed's Stream Giveaway

  5. Roulette:724,006,837 placed by Lillyflow Wagered: 0.00005000 Payout: 36.00x Profit: 0.00175000
  6. Keno:723,686,331 placed by Lillyflow Wagered: 0.00120000 Payout: 22.50x Profit: 0.02580000
  7. The future looks a lot like we are going to evolve into bots. lol Encoding our own dna with crypto... well at least I will never lose my pesky wallet again. Private key= my blood. Crazy times are comimg!
  8. That is so funny Wry. So very clever indeed for you to notice this. It is like fantasy crypto- using fiat. Too strange.
  9. Lillyflow

    Faucet strategy?

    My strategy is to get it, all in on the closest game, then lose it. I do not recommend my strategy- in fact.... avoid copying any of my behaviors unless you want to lose a lot.
  10. Lillyflow

    How many times you visit the site ?

    You should ask " how often do you visit real life" because in my case, it seems like stake is always at least open in a tab. lol
  11. Bumping this one back to life.. i think it is worthy.
  12. I just am extremely tired of the same 6 wack jobs showing up over and over to troll us all. I am seriously losing my comedic edge because it isnt funny anymore when these multiple personality on turbo accounts are a steady stream. I am insulted daily this way. What the actual fuck is wrong with these turds? They dont even try to pretend that they are new anymore. They roll in like "sup thug. hey lilly. is Yo here?" um.... what is the deal, seriously? There is no benefit to this behavior. It is essentially a decietful attack. Perhaps the crypto gambling scene should open up to the idea of verifying account holders identity before allowing them to chat.
  13. Lillyflow


    thanks Shani baby
  14. @dmbadillo10 exactly! Glad we see eye to eye. @bigmann23 Thanks you big sweet badass! @Aquawiki thanks for reading. As always, I appreciate it. @shaniqua ❤️ Kate, takes one to know one,darling. Don't cry honey! ❤️ Hugs*
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      • only to discover that signatures do not appear in self posted notes... or whatever this is