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  1. High level "perk-of-the-palace" suggestion: At a certain level of VIP perhaps players can be granted a benefit that includes a chat room they get to invite small group to use during events . Race time chats for 10 people or something like that . It would be fun and creates an extra level of VIP clout. Just a thought. You know how sports arenas have the BOX Seating for celebs. Stake high level VIPs would like that. Plus it could be something added for prize packages. "For all top 10 racers they will get 24 hours pass to the VIP Snipe room . or whatever. Good idea, I know. Oh and if it already happens ... then ... lemme get an invite .
  2. "Dreaming of Plinko" ; )
  3. This is a decent breakdown of features of Stake, and I think it would be a worthwhile effort to update this with the new games and upgrades that stake has taken on. This should be an informal reference material for stake players. Good stuff. Update ? = )
  4. William you inspired me to share an article I wrote exploring this very topic. I hope you find it enjoyable. I love thought provoking questions. Cheers.
  5. I would love to see some aggregated results of the bots good work. = ) Pretty nifty there!
  6. ROBBEEZY!!! Wow you’re a super cutie pie!! What the heck man? How did you do that? 😮😮😮😮 I never knew.
  7. I posted my favorites already in the forum, somewhere but they got buried so here they are again. From this thread: there are all these already stored somewhere in the forum. and
  8. Hubba hubba dubalicious *whistles
  9. Pae! pretttttty. Mlc, pretty too! All of the girls are Pretty! Milk @michelleleeann you are hot, as always. I am not sure if I ever told you. Sometimes its easy to overlook the super hotties simply because everyone tells you how gorgeous you are - so its easy to assume they know. Just in case- you are all damn sexy. This one is cool: This photo is from a cruise I went on - then later I used the image with a cool painting app to portray a blockchain-digital-savvy chick as a part of a persona for a writing gig -and I have seen the image used now in several places. Funny huh.
  10. is it too much? I am getting cold feet. Probably going to delete...
  11. ROFL Anonnep!!! Funny. Now watch this 2 minute clip from a recent stream- I found a secret MAGICAL extra plinko ball!! Watch as I find a hidden ball!! lol you can hear me say "What are you doing little ball? You should not be there?" Then I discover the truth.
  12. @Bojana @Faris OMFG I am cracking up right now, When you said "Man Bun' I did not know you were talking about a hairstyle. I literally thought you were asking for Man Buns! aka man butts. These are "man buns" too:
  13. @Paigeturner You are the hottest woman here. Hot. Holy hotness. Paige Turner is a head turner! 😎 You will not offend anyone here that's for sure. We are all a bunch of gamblers and degens, so shake it baby. Seriously- you are beautiful. Also brave!! Nothing wrong with being gorgeous.
  14. I loved these two comments so much: @wilbur - " hot piping peeps" lmao !! @Bojana "Manbun pic!!" You are hilarious! More of my real life: 1
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