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  1. "Dreaming of Plinko" ; )
  2. I was late ? Oh well. Here is my tweet anyway.
  3. I am a fully evolved gambling girl. I gamble. I like it. I play a lot. Shame shame. I confess that often when I bust... I busted AFTER a great win. Those are the busts that hurt the most. Otherwise, I try to keep it in a budget so I make room for the potential for loss. I consider the amount I play to be lost as I start to play then when I win its a really cool treat. If only I cashed the treats out more often. LOL
  4. I love seeing my old topic randomly pop back up so thanks for reviving it. I have not grown much more wise since the original post. But I have grown more superstitious. Lol Its bad luck to be superstitious though. lmao
  5. Ok, here's one for you. This one is a limerick. SImplex There once was a gambler called simplex Big-wins-on hi-lo-did-make-him-flex and despite being clowned he got up when knocked down laughing loudly about when he'd win-next. 🕉 @S1MPL3X
  6. Martingales system would be perfect with 2 crucial elements. First, the player needs an enormous starting bankroll to cover a long streak of double ups that lose ( 20 in a row or more ). Second the house or casino needs to have a very high limit to make it work. This is exactly why house limits were created. Once you hit the maximum and cannot double up on a loss... your basically fucking toast. I have seen old dudes on live craps tables win consistently 100-200 bucks daily for years then out of the blue, a day of reckoning comes and for all that time, energy and money .... they w
  7. This is a decent breakdown of features of Stake, and I think it would be a worthwhile effort to update this with the new games and upgrades that stake has taken on. This should be an informal reference material for stake players. Good stuff. Update ? = )
  8. I did not realize that was how it works. I thought it was a content/word count/quality/and section thing. I think no matter what, it is a miraculous opportunity to earn a little something for the time you spend sharing your point of view. How many of us have spent stupid amounts of time on click-bait survey b.s.? This is REAL and that alone means that NOBODY should be totally broke at any time around here. I am surprised more people are not fully engaging in this genuine earning option. Even I do not take full advantage of it - and Chris, you may be right, it is likely that the co
  9. Hey Cryptofly, Cool topic. Also cool background details and a peek into your life. Interesting. So in my opinion, what makes Stake a YES and most other gambling options a NO boils down to a few basics. 1. No Gimmicky Bullshit Bonuses ( Stake bonuses are fully cashable, and they do not weigh down the player with impossible playthrough traps. 2. I have dumped a lot of coin into them all. Stake is the only place so far that offers transparent, tempting, and frequent perks and treats for regular spenders. 3. The features are always being improved - and they surve
  10. Recently people have evoked much thought in my mind regarding habitual gaming vs hobby gaming. I realized that until it is not seen as a naughty thing to do, it might be tricky to proudly declare your loyalty to ANY casino. Know what I mean? In this regard, I think marketing efforts are especially delicate for gaming related clientele. Why ? Because when you are having dinner with your family and you get an email with a coupon for Stake racing ... chances are your family does not know that you are looking forward to a few hours of max betting and zoning into a plinko game or hi lo card ro
  11. Lmao - in love he says. Perfect Cryptofly. You get it. You totally do. Thanks for the laugh you crazy one. hehe Well cheers to that. Good guys know when to give it a rest. Casinos are not the ideal place for meeting people at their best though. lol
  12. Wow have you had any feedback about this? It is a cute idea, actually. I wonder what Eddie would say. I think the game name should be bling-bling . hahha
  13. I recently had a dream that I won HUGE on Keno. The payout was so enormous that the digits didnt fit on the screen. The total win was some crazy amount like 800,000 dollars worth of bitcoin. Have you ever had a dream like this where you hit the jackpot? Only to wake up with your face in your keyboard, with drool and a balance of 121 satoshis. grr. lol
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