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  1. High level "perk-of-the-palace" suggestion: At a certain level of VIP perhaps players can be granted a benefit that includes a chat room they get to invite small group to use during events . Race time chats for 10 people or something like that . It would be fun and creates an extra level of VIP clout. Just a thought. You know how sports arenas have the BOX Seating for celebs. Stake high level VIPs would like that. Plus it could be something added for prize packages. "For all top 10 racers they will get 24 hours pass to the VIP Snipe room . or whatever.
  2. "Dreaming of Plinko" ; )
  3. This is a decent breakdown of features of Stake, and I think it would be a worthwhile effort to update this with the new games and upgrades that stake has taken on. This should be an informal reference material for stake players. Good stuff. Update ? = )
  4. Hey Cryptofly, Cool topic. Also cool background details and a peek into your life. Interesting. So in my opinion, what makes Stake a YES and most other gambling options a NO boils down to a few basics. 1. No Gimmicky Bullshit Bonuses ( Stake bonuses are fully cashable, and they do not weigh down the player with impossible playthrough traps. 2. I have dumped a lot of coin into them all. Stake is the only place so far that offers transparent, tempting, and frequent perks and treats for regular spenders. 3. The features are always being improved - and they surve
  5. Thanks William. As long as people make an effort to use new addresses as often as possible they will not likely have to worry about it. There are those few crazy blockchain mappers that can somehow analyze the chain and if you repeat the same address throughout many transactions, eventually - with much effort- the details can be traced to its origin ( the user ) . This doesn't make a person more vulnerable to theft, but it does pose privacy concerns as well as gives opportunistic scammer types the fuel they need to impersonate someone or exploit the data in other harmful ways. Bes
  6. William you inspired me to share an article I wrote exploring this very topic. I hope you find it enjoyable. I love thought provoking questions. Cheers.
  7. In the post below I will share a cool article that I wrote a couple months ago. The reason I am sharing it again is because @williamshennie9 and @bmg inspired me with their conversation in another thread here in the Stake Forum which you can check out at this link : My orginals here and linked below/ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/so-you-thought-bitcoin-transactions-were-private-lori-brown/ https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@lorilikes/so-you-thought-bitcoin-transactions-were-private-a-realistic-view-of-a-flawed-public-understanding-plus-a-recommendation-that
  8. I would love to see some aggregated results of the bots good work. = ) Pretty nifty there!
  9. I used to work in a casino and we had regular incidents of players who would sit in the same seat for 10, 20 hours- one woman wore huge diapers and she would shit. and not do anything about it. That was the worst one. It was actually awful and eventually security had to physically escort her to the employe nurse station to give her the ultimatum that she either had to clean it up or be banned. She cleaned up and went right back to the same machine.
  10. ROBBEEZY!!! Wow you’re a super cutie pie!! What the heck man? How did you do that? 😮😮😮😮 I never knew.
  11. You should ask " how often do you visit real life" because in my case, it seems like stake is always at least open in a tab. lol
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