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  1. Does it matter, to you?  Unlikely.  Although, just for fun- here is my thought of the moment:  

    Regarding Emojis:

    Emojis that depict humans doing something should include a left AND right facing emoji for each one. That way I can easily apply my emoji sentences, in the right order and my quirky mind can finally move on to the next part of the text/post/email. Here are times when such a feature could alter the entire mood of the topic. 



    🤺 💃🏾






    Or whats up with the terrible message deeply hidden in my emojis, regarding race and how does this pepetuates racism and other culture clash problems? 

    Check it out.  

    Each ethnicity woman has a matching man- except one.  Let me show you.


    Even vampires and mermaids and hobbit elves have a mate. 


    but one has been left alone in the emoji choices.  It’s sad.  Why is she alone?  I think she needs a matching emoji, and it seems like a manufacturing level brain wash. Does that even make sense?  I think this could be a much longer study. Here is the female with no matching male emoji. 🧕🏽

    I feel that this was intentional.  I don’t know.