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  1. ANX Seed Round Open to Non-US Investors ANOX GROUP LIMITED is currently raising seed capital to meet costs associated with our 2019 security token offering. ANX seed tokens will be issued at 67 cents on the dollar for persons wishing to contribute $2000 or more, with bespoke pricing requests entertained for larger investors. The ANX seed round is an opportunity to purchase ANX tokens at significant discount to the final public sale price of $1.00 USD. About the Project ANX is a security token issued on the cutting-edge EOS blockchain, with lightning fast transaction times and zero transaction fees. ANX tokens will represent investor shares in ANOX CAPITAL LIMITED, a closed-end fund structure pending incorporation in the Bahamas. Our closed-end fund will operate on a fund-of-funds model, pooling STO capital and making investments in established funds on behalf of token holders. https://anox.io/professional.png Name: ANOX Ticker: ANX Algorithm: EOS Type: DPOS Security Token Total Supply: 90 Million Block Time: 0.5 Sec Inflation Rewards: Determined by community Dividend Rewards: Determined by community Seed Round Price: 67 cents (Limited to 2.25 million) Pre-Sale Price: 75 cents (Limited 4.5 million) Final Public Sale Price: $1.00 (Hard cap 60.75 million) Structure: Closed-End Fund Jurisdiction: Bahamas 3rd Party Audits: Yes Website: https://anox.io/ Block Explorer: https://bloks.io/ PC, Mac and Linux wallet: Scatter https://get-scatter.com/ Android and iOS wallet: EOS Lynx https://eoslynx.com/ Exchange: DEXEOS https://dexeos.io/trade/ANX Discord: https://discord.gg/jZyD3QR Twitter: https://twitter.com/anox_io Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/anoxgroup https://anox.io/distributionb.jpg First Partner Fund Our first partner fund is an award winning Bahaman automated fx fund with an exceptional track record of index beating returns. The fund delivered net-returns in excess of 39% in 2019, following up on returns in excess of 34%, 49% and 37% in 2017, 2016, and 2015 respectively. https://anox.io/partner.png ANX Growth Potential The ANX token will be a cryptographic security backed by real wealth investments in high-yield alternative assets. ANX will be backed by Net Asset Value to the downside, whilst allowed to free-float to the upside when sentiment is strong. Considering the growth potential of cryptocurrency backed by hype and sentiment alone, we expect the ANX token to perform exceptionally well in both bull and bear markets. If you are interested in participating in the seed round, or you’d just like to know more about the project, simply contact us via email at info@anox.io with subject “ANX Seed Round”, or just drop in to our discord server and say hello!