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  1. CERN

    A Brief Collision

    Thanks for the warm welcomes. Hopefully I will reach my goal, my male Shiba needs a mate.
  2. I used it up until it started getting the error, which is quite sad. I hope they fix it soon!
  3. So if you hide your Profit and Wagered amount means you're considered a fake / scammer?
  4. CERN

    A Brief Collision

    Thanks for the warm welcomes. I hope I will enjoy my time here, and more so hoping it won't be too brief. I more or less try to share at least 50% of my winnings when I'm low betting. So constant Doge rains might be daily if I stay green.
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply, it's always a pleasure to know issues are found / sorted in a timely manner!
  6. Every time I set autobet on Baccarat it crashes when it goes to double my bet. It was working fine a couple hours ago...
  7. Greetings, I'm not very fond of introductions, but occasionally I try to drop in and say hello on the places I venture to. Here's to all of you, a warm hello and best wishes. I just joined today so feel free to look for me in the chat while I'm on... I tend to enjoy raining Doge more than I speak though. It's my philosophy to share a few of my excess particles ( Dogetoshi ). My current goal in life is to win enough Dogecoin to buy a Shiba Inu, please pray for me. Until we collide again, CERN
  8. It's the same as most casino giving away comp play and free rooms. In the end it's just using the psychology of human nature to extract exactly what you want out of a person. It's basic social engineering for the most part. Nice ideas and a well formulated post.