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Found 20 results

  1. Before and after wager statistics for the week! Hey it’s lmaddox! Just wanted to give a shout too everyone who played last week. I had a huge couple of days, I went from gold to platinum III in around 72 hours. I love this community, we are weird and fun to be around. You guys rock, I wanted to soft flex because I know everyone can get down trotted with gambling losses, but your luck will most likely change for the better or worse! That’s the fun, some weeks you’re down others your sky high. I wanted to share a few screeners with you guys from my crazy week. Below are som
  2. **Advanced Strategy** Condition 1: ON Every 1 Losses > Increase bet amount 130.00% Condition 2: ON Every 1 Wins > Reset bet amount Condition 3: ON Every streak of 5 Losses > Switch over under Multiplier: 1,8165 Roll Over: 54,50 Win Chance: 54,5000 You can't bet a high stake! The method works only for hours of shooting at smaller rates. Example: Have 0.10000000 you set the amount bet 0.00000100 Take a look at the live statistics bet: $ Have a nice game. Good luck and big win! $
  3. I seen the post where it's asking your best paying slot. That question seemed geared towards everyone's favorite slot overall. I would like to have a place to look daily for the best paying slots of the day. You could also post which slots are not in a pay cycle, you know your go-tos that aren't doing well that day. Not sure if this will work or catch on but it would be cool if it did! So today my hottest slot would be Dragon Pearls -Boongo- Won the Major Jackpot on a $1 spin and stayed 🔥 Beowulf - Pragmatic Play Was consistent
  4. I am curious what is the biggest longest hit streak you went on while playing at stake. I'll start with mine it was a weekend may 24-26 in 2019 went on a massive hot streak and withdrew 219331$ USD in those 2 days. And if I remember correctly my starting deposit was only around 3000$ USD Also pics of my withdrawal log, it's why stake is the only place I gamble now and truely trust.
  5. I think this is a good addition to our platform. + has great potential for application in this sector I propose to arrange a vote
  6. Hi there there are people here who have won life changing sums of money through sports betting or casinos . so this question is for all those guys to come up and share your story and maybe proof of a big payout if possible to inspire othere on this platform to keep going to get that big win one day:) also many here are wondering if stake has paid put very big bets especially in sports betting where you can literally get odds like 500,000/1. so who has hit the biggest number here? 200,000$ , 500,000$ whats the biggest wins on stake!
  7. Thanks Stake And Really Enjoy To Games Here i really love it wish i win more and more godblesss and happy new year #StakeIsLove
  8. If you have a slot win above 10kx please post it bellow lets see who has the biggest win !
  9. I know a lot of people, and have seen a lot of people say that this site is a scam and what not but I'm pretty confident that you just have terrible luck 😂😂😂 But honestly I've come in with dollars yes like under $10 worth of crypto and made some pretty great w/d's the same day.
  10. What is your biggest slot win ? Post in the comments I wanna see who has the biggest slot win on stake.com !
  11. Hello every one im just here to share my experience in sports betting dota the first time i won on team secret but suddenly it's voided because of wrong odds but all of the enemy of team secret is high odds heres the pictures of the bet and by the way that time secret win 7 consecutive championship in dota tournament Here's the id of the bet i bet on secret enemy sport:1624821 sport:1624821 sport:1474794 sport:1490777
  12. I hope next year can be better
  13. As you wish ....! _ * * _👉 Life is your ....! _ * * _👉 age and time is running out ...! _ * * _👉 Change the thought , Change life ....! _ * * _90% People do not succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them, they see it through the eyes of "doubt" ..._ * * _➖10% People succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them they see it as an "opportunity" ...! _ * * _We all got a chance Is…. _ * * _👉 to do something new…! _ * * _👉 to do something off ..! _ * * _👉 to do something. .! * _
  14. 🙃👌🏼NOOBIE ALERT🤪🤩 Just started this whole Bitcoin thing .. Any body willing to show me the tricks of the trade and maybe help me win some money💰 ⭐️How to I rank up the fastest for vip rewards? ⭐️Is the odds better for certain games over other games? ⭐️ What games do I have the best odds in f winning on? 💰😄🏅🥇Must be someone 😎with some knowledge out there🌟🏆😜 🥇💰😉Give me a shout😏 —— 🤩RJA31💰
  15. Whenever we try to play casinos what main points, terms, and conditions you read first. There are so many types of bonuses offers from each and every site what bonus are most popular among players? Summarize I just want to know gambler's experience and from where they started to play?
  16. So as we all know the giveaway is here. My question is, if you win the giveaway will you accept a lambo or will you take the dollar amount? If you opt for the cash, what will you spend it on if you decide not to save or invest?
  17. Is this how you feel in casino chat after a big win? Lol
  18. casino:29727191900
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