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Found 14 results

  1. Yes there are a lot of good things that happen with bitcoin, but I want you to look at this case, the reason why Bitcoin was actually made, was because there were tool many reason to run away . there is a lot of good that works well for us when it comes to making some good transfers with bitcoin, but look at it this way what came back as far much better than bitcoin, with transfer fees and so the time taken to make the transaction and how fast and accessible the coin is, also how stable in price the coin, is, to me I take in ripple, XRP has a lot of potential and so many people might not agr
  2. anyone willing to share dice strategies for the new update on dice , please post here ^^ thank you
  3. The popularity of cryptocurrencies, what we see today, is all due to Bitcoin. It is the first digital currency which became a sensation ever since it made its debut on 3rd January 2009. Though there is a misconception or you can say confusion among the people to know about its real founder. Some say it is Satoshi Nakamoto, whereas some consider Craig Wright to be its real founder. But in most of the cases, Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be its real founder. Well, let us not get into much confusion about finding the real person behind the well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Today we are bringi
  4. would you pay us tips to see porno videos of us????
  5. As other crypto like eth and xrp prices going up, is it possible for btc to reach $20k? What do you think peeps?
  6. Well BTC is the most used crypto by far. Which being said it's high tx fees and high time taken by miners didn't stopped the users to use it. Network Congestion on network raises the fees. It's basic supply and demand. The bitcoin block size is 1 mb. So it can only process 1 mb worth of tx per block. As there is alot of congestion it takes time.
  7. Whenever we try to play casinos what main points, terms, and conditions you read first. There are so many types of bonuses offers from each and every site what bonus are most popular among players? Summarize I just want to know gambler's experience and from where they started to play?
  8. Sebelumnya ini post pertama saya jadi mohon maaf kalo belepotan Ini lumayan sering terjadi jadi silahkan di coba dulu siapatau sama2 hoki ya Step: 1. Bet terserah usahakan 0.05% dari balance anda 2. Setting otomatis 200x, jika live statistik menandakan loss coba bet lagi 200x jika disini sudah ada kenaikan coba naikan bet set 2x dari sebelumnya 3.Jikapun masih lose di live statistik coba sampe 1000x roll di dengan auto masih tetap 200x 4. Biasanya membuttuhkan setidaknya 2000 roll up untuk hit 1000x kalo hoki ya di bawah 1000roll udah hit 5. Dan terakhir s
  9. A binance is the most popular crypto exchange platform that permits their buyer and seller to trade from crypto to crypto. It has launched various features inbuilt in crypto exchange platform that can perform all the security rich attributes to attract many traders! Apart from Crypto exchange platform, MLM business has also reached its own stake! Forsage is a Decentralized Ethereum smart contract-based MLM platform that deploys self-executing smart contract in Ethereum Blockchain. It was launched with cryptocurrency MLM matrix project that runs in Ethereum blockchain platform!
  10. ONECoin is a cryptocurrency which is based on the blockchain technology. The transaction of ONECoin cryptocurrency is very secure. This cryptocurrency was found in Bulgaria. ONECoin is based on the Ponzi Scheme. There are many cryptocurrencies in the world to trade. Makers of Onecoin convinced people that ONECoin is one of those cryptocurrencies which have lots of potentials to perform well in the upcoming decade and it can perform like bitcoin. ONECoin acts as both a cryptocurrency and a payment method for digital transactions. But Onecoin was the total fraud scheme to loot people aro
  11. As this year have a more prominent beginning when contrasted with past hardly any years. There are huge numbers of new hopes made in our brain and we are presently more spurred than previously. What you guys have define any goal to accomplish till the remainder of this current year. I have a goal to gather right around 1 bitcoin whether I win it uninhibitedly or by some different exercises like trading and so on.
  12. Arnab12

    Bitcoin ATMs

    There are now more than 5000 BTC ATMs over the world. But it is clearly not enough and some of them are not functional. We clearly need more BTC ATMs . For that to happen there are two influences which will help. First being favourable regulations by countries and Second being acceptable by banks. If countries regulate BTC then it would be easier to maintain and open ATMs by service providers. Acceptance by banks will help in liquidity in the ATMs.
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