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  1. Before and after wager statistics for the week! Hey it’s lmaddox! Just wanted to give a shout too everyone who played last week. I had a huge couple of days, I went from gold to platinum III in around 72 hours. I love this community, we are weird and fun to be around. You guys rock, I wanted to soft flex because I know everyone can get down trotted with gambling losses, but your luck will most likely change for the better or worse! That’s the fun, some weeks you’re down others your sky high. I wanted to share a few screeners with you guys from my crazy week. Below are som
  2. **Advanced Strategy** Condition 1: ON Every 1 Losses > Increase bet amount 130.00% Condition 2: ON Every 1 Wins > Reset bet amount Condition 3: ON Every streak of 5 Losses > Switch over under Multiplier: 1,8165 Roll Over: 54,50 Win Chance: 54,5000 You can't bet a high stake! The method works only for hours of shooting at smaller rates. Example: Have 0.10000000 you set the amount bet 0.00000100 Take a look at the live statistics bet: $ Have a nice game. Good luck and big win! $
  3. My classic dice strategy Payout :-5.26x and on loss 36% Payout :-39x and on loss 2.8% Payout :-11x and on loss 15% And last and my favorite is play 1.5x manually with increase bet at 1st green and decrease bet at straight 3rd green..
  4. I dont know why. .i'm not lucky or something. .i'm trying hunt 1000x in 5 days. .never hit. . .and last game in 11300 roll i just got 1x payout 130x. .
  5. Play blackjack successfully, a complete grasp of the game rules is required, awareness of the other players moves and a constant focus on the dealer moves. To learn the above would amount in learning and play blackjack but if you read below you will learn so much more than that.
  6. Viking Runes Lucky Win - PetjeKoko - 9849.5x Big Win - TeufeurS - $14,027 Ramses Book Easter Egg Lucky Win - sasor - 586x Big Win - TeufeurS - $3,106 Sticky Diamonds Easter Egg Lucky Win - butimjustme - 424x Big Win - DoktorHanso - $1,012 Mayan Blocks Lucky Win - Catarina - 318.3x Big Win - Demize - $1,386 Sorcerer's Guild of Magic Lucky Win - BIGMAORI - 560x Big Win - Arellanesa88 - $1,482 Desperate Dawgs Lucky Win - UberPoppaBear - 250x Big Win - Demize - $2,191 Temujin Treasures Lucky Win - pitsreturn - 8956.68x
  7. Hello all, since Stake API's is not currently working anymore, and previous topic about doesn't exists anymore, I don't know IF and when API's will be enabled again, since there is not any info/update about nowhere... so I'd like create this topic as place where to share the pieces of code which can be used by users whose like to create their own customized strategies... and a place where to discuss about problems facing during the coding to play on Stake. So it would be a place where to share the ritght codes to be used into own programs, and not exactly a place where to share
  8. Do you guys prefer money train 1 or money train 2?
  9. Mine is 8 BTC on dog house. I caught it on my phone if you want to see it! Fill video here: https://youtu.be/viSIHZXoT5s Sorry crappy sounds. Recorded on my phone.
  10. Saya suka main casino online, tapi masih bingung. Bagusan main casino di https://stake.com atau main di situs judi casino yang agen Indonesia. Kemarin saya main di situs MPO383 sempat menang sampai 20jutaan. Tapi setelah WD terus main lagi kok susah menang yah? Tolong bantu infonya dong, thanks!
  11. today I made a profit in my favorite game Scarab Spin. 🍰🎂
  12. Guys, can anyone guide, where and when Conquer the Casino results are declared. Never Found any link yet.. Ex. Last weeks contest period is now over. New contest already declared. So will the results of last week be declared today or later some time.. ThanQ for sharing your thoughts in advance 🙂
  13. If you have a slot win above 10kx please post it bellow lets see who has the biggest win !
  14. Can someone please explain how I should go about referring a new user to the stake.com website? Also, once I’ve obtained some referrals, then how do I go about managing all of my referrals? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  15. What is your biggest slot win ? Post in the comments I wanna see who has the biggest slot win on stake.com !
  16. anyone know how will you be credited / procedure when u complete that challenge and eligible for reward?
  17. why is the nonce not separated for each stake originals game ?
  18. This was done on a Russian VPN to try and maximise slot availability - but it likely wont include all. This was done using the API, 1 issue ran into was when offsetting over ~ 1050 I got this error but this worked around by offsetting up to 1000 when sorted on asc and desc then merging. You will notice there are some slots with insanely high house edges - these are generally all by the provider Belatra and the games aren't even close to being fun. You will also notice there are some slots with 0% edge, this is very likely a mistake - probably just forgot to add it or the edge is unkno
  19. I hope next year can be better
  20. As you wish ....! _ * * _👉 Life is your ....! _ * * _👉 age and time is running out ...! _ * * _👉 Change the thought , Change life ....! _ * * _90% People do not succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them, they see it through the eyes of "doubt" ..._ * * _➖10% People succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them they see it as an "opportunity" ...! _ * * _We all got a chance Is…. _ * * _👉 to do something new…! _ * * _👉 to do something off ..! _ * * _👉 to do something. .! * _
  21. anyone willing to share dice strategies for the new update on dice , please post here ^^ thank you
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