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  1. Hello all, since Stake API's is not currently working anymore, and previous topic about doesn't exists anymore, I don't know IF and when API's will be enabled again, since there is not any info/update about nowhere... so I'd like create this topic as place where to share the pieces of code which can be used by users whose like to create their own customized strategies... and a place where to discuss about problems facing during the coding to play on Stake. So it would be a place where to share the ritght codes to be used into own programs, and not exactly a place where to share
  2. Hi all, Many of you have seen me around in the chat on stake.com causing havoc, wild emotions in chat (sorry mods) but everything boils down to me wanting to make you guys happy while enjoying our stay together on stake.com I've come to an idea that I want to turn into an actual concept so here it goes : basically fun and random games, with a small winning prize Everything will come out of my pocket! Why am I doing this? Life has taught me a lot recently, especially with COVID-19 hitting and causing us to be away from friends and family. Unfortu
  3. Play blackjack successfully, a complete grasp of the game rules is required, awareness of the other players moves and a constant focus on the dealer moves. To learn the above would amount in learning and play blackjack but if you read below you will learn so much more than that.
  4. Hi all. I've seen these types of things fly around Twitter, mainly to encourage affiliate link sign-ups, though that's not why I'm here. Seeing as I got a daily reload, I thought I would have a go at a challenge myself. The plan 2 bets of $10 each with the money reinvested the next day over the course of 10 days in the hope of hitting $1,000 from one or both of the original stakes (10 different bets in total for each of the 2 challenges). Each daily bet will be comprised of 2-3 selections giving a combined odds of between 1.4-2x. Starting bets for today are poste
  5. Hey Hey!!!! Stream №479 start in few mins!! Lets hunt new forum challenges! I play here - https://stake.com/?c=streamoleg Stream here - https://twitch.tv/oleg_barca
  6. Tere hommikust ✋ Here, again, with new predictions for IEM KATOWICE 2021. Yesterday we hit quick double parlay with x6 odds. Can't complain, profit from yesterday will cover me whole bets for the next week! ✅🔥🔥🔥 Spirit vs Gambit Esports - I'm all the way on Spirit in this match. They've been having great performance so far, with 8 wins streak ahead (like a top1 team). According to the map pool they play I can tell, they always ban 2 maps that are played really well by gambit, Vertigo and Inferno. Gambit has no respononse to this, bcs either if they ban Nuke, it won't re
  7. add a lottery to stake which will be drawn once a week (?) or something similar. 1 ticket would cost 1-2 euros/dollars or whatever. letme know what u think total pot depends on how many tickets bought in total.
  8. 🤑 The boys are back with another CSGO predictions post on Stake Forum 🤑 👉 Lower the bet value and don't take all the bets as parlay. Below I will let u know, what u should bet in parlay and single. 👈 ⚠️ Bet ID to copy (make sure to read everything below and don't bet all in one parlay): sport:7104916 The most obvious match winner for today: Ambush vs Ago - I should bet on Ago ML, but odds on ambush to win their map pick are wayyy too big. Ago changed the whole roaster last month, they are trying so hard to comeabck to tier1 scene, but it isn't working really
  9. u should advertise stake on sythe.org (if sythe is willing to promote gambling) - 600k members - alot of crypto related markets - gamers (probably interested of crypto gambling)
  10. Hallå 🧙‍♂️ 🤑 Yesterday we had 100% winrate in parlay (bcs I told u guys to bet single on furia), and 75% winrate in total. So let's keep it going for the big profit week! 🤑 Virtus pro vs Team Vitality - Two really strong teams are facing each other in this tournament, both are incredibly effective, but it's just a CIS vs EU fight. Vitality has inside problems, Apex isn't playing fine, he's not as good IGL as he was before, and with Shox both of them are SUPER inconsistent. Virtus pro all the way ML bet odds x1.99 Furia Esports vs Faze Clan - This bet is super easy, Furia
  11. Hello, once i was playing Live Black Jack simultaneously while playing CS:GO, was a really good run won 100$. What have you played and how did it turned out? Thanks for the comment!
  12. Mine is 8 BTC on dog house. I caught it on my phone if you want to see it! Fill video here: https://youtu.be/viSIHZXoT5s Sorry crappy sounds. Recorded on my phone.
  13. Your biggest wins ever 3660x on gemsplitter On 10c bet 3660x on gemsplitter Pls
  14. Hi there there are people here who have won life changing sums of money through sports betting or casinos . so this question is for all those guys to come up and share your story and maybe proof of a big payout if possible to inspire othere on this platform to keep going to get that big win one day:) also many here are wondering if stake has paid put very big bets especially in sports betting where you can literally get odds like 500,000/1. so who has hit the biggest number here? 200,000$ , 500,000$ whats the biggest wins on stake!
  15. Saya suka main casino online, tapi masih bingung. Bagusan main casino di https://stake.com atau main di situs judi casino yang agen Indonesia. Kemarin saya main di situs MPO383 sempat menang sampai 20jutaan. Tapi setelah WD terus main lagi kok susah menang yah? Tolong bantu infonya dong, thanks!
  16. I’ll start. Brag: last week I turned a $50 deposit into 2k thanks to a sick Sweet Bonanza run. Beat: I immediately lost it all within about 2 hours betting $5-$10/spin on Scarab Spin. Variance: It helped boost my incoming monthly bonus 🤷‍♂️ 😬 Ending with: Apparently no, no we can not. Therefore, I am (un)officially dedicating this thread to all my future brags/beats....thus sparing you all from clogging up this forum with my nonsensical anecdotes that no-one will care about....you're welcome 😎
  17. Hello all bettors! We recently launched Tru.Bet: A peer to peer bitcoin sports bet exchange. Brief run down of how it works Bettor chooses event to bet on Bettor decides on what to bet (I.E. team, over/under) Bettor sets the spread Bettor sets the odds Bettor sets the max amount they would like to wager Once the bet is posted someone can then "Take" that bet for any amount they wish to choose. There can be multiple takers for someone's bet. Reasons to use a bet exchange: It's peer to peer: no more bookies Anonymous: We will never as
  18. If you have a slot win above 10kx please post it bellow lets see who has the biggest win !
  19. So yeah I hate to admit it but I have not made a bet on the sports bets. I have to say that I’m quite intimidated and I’m not so up on to many teams/sports but I kinda maybe really kinda wanna make a few bets to see how I like it.... Buuuuutttt I don’t get how and I kinda don’t know where to start.... Someone wanna give me a little run down and what sports to look for or something to help me along I’d appreciate it. Thank you in advance and to all of you good luck and big hugs!!! As Always, Mr.Zoom
  20. Hello to everyone who is part of the stake family. I would like to know what was your biggest victory and what was your biggest defeat in cryptocurrencies, if you remember which game it was, write here so that we can know who was the biggest lucky or unlucky. Good luck to everyone.😉
  21. I see a lot of strategies around but almost all of them busted in some point. Some of them running for hours other for days. Some give small profit some bigger but at the end all have the same result!! BUSTED!! I use my own strategy based on martingale system with dicebot and my profit is my balance x3 every 1 and a half month maybe 2 months depends on bets. I run my script 7-8 months 24/7 now and still running. i want to know if that considered a good script, a good strategy! You can check my progress on https://www.twitch.tv/akyr0ss
  22. I know a lot of people, and have seen a lot of people say that this site is a scam and what not but I'm pretty confident that you just have terrible luck 😂😂😂 But honestly I've come in with dollars yes like under $10 worth of crypto and made some pretty great w/d's the same day.
  23. What is your biggest slot win ? Post in the comments I wanna see who has the biggest slot win on stake.com !
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