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  1. Hey everyone! As most of you already know, Stake released monthly bonuses today. How much did you receive for your monthly? I got a nice $40 bonus, no complaints here. I'm currently bronze VIP rank and am curious to know how all of you did, since wager $ and VIP rank are taken into account.
  2. How to Exchange Perfect Money to WebMoney WMZ In this article, we will discuss exchanging Perfect Money to WebMoney WMZ. Perfect Money is a service that allows users to make instant payments and financial transactions. The system uses three types of currencies: PM-USD, PM-EUR, PM-gold. On the other hand, WebMoney is a Russian online payment system with more than 36 million active users worldwide. This online payment system helps users to transfer money and make purchases online and pay for it using WebMoney. One of the issues you may face when working with these payment systems is the nee
  3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rallied today, surpassing USD 290 for an hour, on reports that the prominent supporter of BCH, Jihan Wu is back as the CEO of major crypto mining company Bitmain. (Updated at 08:00 UTC: updates throughout the entire text.) At pixel time (07:02 UTC), BCH trades at c. USD 288 and is up by 10% in the past 24 hours and by 24% in the past week. BCH price chart: Micree Zhan Ketuan, who started Bitmain with Wu six years ago, no longer holds any position at the Beijing-based company effective immediately, Wu said in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg News.
  4. I can use simple javascript code to test your custom strategies over millions bet. I tried many strategies but still cant find way to beat casino. Please post your possible winning strategy, together we can come up with something...
  5. **Advanced Strategy** Condition 1: ON Every 1 Losses > Increase bet amount 130.00% Condition 2: ON Every 1 Wins > Reset bet amount Condition 3: ON Every streak of 5 Losses > Switch over under Multiplier: 1,8165 Roll Over: 54,50 Win Chance: 54,5000 You can't bet a high stake! The method works only for hours of shooting at smaller rates. Example: Have 0.10000000 you set the amount bet 0.00000100 Take a look at the live statistics bet: $ Have a nice game. Good luck and big win! $
  6. What do you prefer when playing slots? Regular, Quick, or Turbo Spins? Personally, I love running turbo spins for a variety of slots as I don't have the patience 😂
  7. For this wager strats, i'm using dice advanced at chance 98,.. PO 1.01. For the inside strats you can see the images,. BB 1/99 from your balance. Disclaimer,. sometimes it can drop your balance to zero if the dice pattern goes wrong. But its sometimes lol,. so be smart to wager using this strat. I'm prefer using balance from my profit, then make it run automatically (AFK). Or, if you have 100$ using 5$ for this strat its okay,. if something go wrong you can make some recovery later. After 30 minutes,. below the result. After 1 hour
  8. Saya suka main casino online, tapi masih bingung. Bagusan main casino di https://stake.com atau main di situs judi casino yang agen Indonesia. Kemarin saya main di situs MPO383 sempat menang sampai 20jutaan. Tapi setelah WD terus main lagi kok susah menang yah? Tolong bantu infonya dong, thanks!
  9. cara cepat bronze gi mana ya, mohon bimbingannya suhu 🙏 ? Katanya ke bronze, wager $10.000 total taruhan, Maksudnya total taruhan seluruh mata uang coin, Atau satu mata uang coin ? semoga yang berbagi ilmu tambah banyak ilmunya. suwun kang suhu🙏
  10. I was playing crash yesterday for 2 hours and when I increased my bet the game hanged. I wasn’t even able to hit cash out as it was stuck on the bet logo and multiplier was still at 1.00x. After waiting for 20 seconds or so I decided to refresh and realised that I’ve lost on that game and the next game has alr started for 5 seconds. I know that it’s a multiplayer game and lags do exist and many experienced that as I’ve read the forum. However for my case if the cashout button didn’t even appear how would I stand a chance to win/ lose and lose my money for no reason. As gamblers we all
  11. Hi guys im gabp99, Maybe some of u can know me in stake English chat. Im a plat 3 users and like all the plat 2+ i get a reload. Reloads are like bullets, and I decided to maximize the amount of money claiming 10min reloads. The difficult part about reload is flip that into something decent to start play. I always fail doin that so maybe someone have some advice or experience to share with me/us. Thanks to all and cya on stake.
  12. I love the stake originals and I don't know how yall could do this but I swear if y'all made a coin pusher game , I'd never leave it lol. Please someone make this happen!! @Steve also Steve you can catch me in the Wild World 171 RS and get these mage hands anytime lol you know what I'm talking about. @Edward can too 💪😬👍🤣😂
  13. Hello everyone! I have a proposal for a daily race. It seems to me to enter the top 100 in a day is very, very difficult. Only high rollers are eligible for race prizes at the moment. But then the race turns out to be launched exclusively for players with "space balance"! Is this fair ??? There is a clear violation of human rights here I propose to make daily races for the top 1000. Let the prizes be less, but everyone will have the opportunity to become a participant and even a winner of the race !!! Vote for your rights, stop enjoying the victories of high rollers, set your goals and achiev
  14. I believe that the near future update in Stake's Marketing Business should be the issuing of Visa Card . Where Stake users have the possibility to Load Their own Stake Visa Cards instantly and directly from Stake wallets without fees. Fees are only applied when Users are spending their funds using Stake Visa Card . Stake users are able to: Reserve and manage your Visa Card on Stake website. Top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Stake Wallet, or credit/debit card . ATM withdrawals. And shop online worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted. Cash back
  15. Stake has made raffles where only those with enough money can access a ballot for that event almost without losing a dollar. Unlike those who have little and would like to be part of these raffles, by trying to get a ballot they lose their account balance. At this point it demonstrates Stake's interest in making more and more money at the expense of those who have the least, and with it favoring and facilitating access to their events only to like Stake players. ⬇️ Question ⬇️ Do you think stake should take into account the gameplay of users unable to get a $1000 ballot, and
  16. When will Stake begin to accept Flash/Ultra fast bets? It would be fantastic to implement Flash bets in Stake Originals with no minimum bet amount limit.
  17. Hello everyone, I decided to add some informative content for beginners, I hope you will enjoy 🙂 Fans of online slots have probably heard about the “volatility” of slots. You may also come across a word like dispersion, in the case of slots, they mean the same thing, but what exactly and why do we need to know about it? What does it mean volatility? Volatility is used to denote the "risk" of a gaming machine. It is medium, low, and high. It should not be confused with RTP as these terms mean very different things. So, on average, a slot has a return percentage (RTP) in the range
  18. Hello guys i would love to share my thoughts on gambling addiction. I myself is addicted to gambling before, but now I kind of control my addiction. My addiction is not totally gone, its always has been there but I minimized and controlled it. Here are my thoughts: 1. Gambling is fun but addicting. Most people who were affected to this are gamblers, especially to those people who won a lot. Us gamblers wont satisfy to any amount of money that we won because we kind of "want more" and its called Greed. And in the long run you lose more than what you try to win. And that's how addictio
  19. My classic dice strategy Payout :-5.26x and on loss 36% Payout :-39x and on loss 2.8% Payout :-11x and on loss 15% And last and my favorite is play 1.5x manually with increase bet at 1st green and decrease bet at straight 3rd green..
  20. Would be nice to be able to bet on Like FaZe vs TSM ina Valorant Tournament or in any other game
  21. Hello, I wanted to ask what do you think about rtp in play'n go slots? in my opinion the rtp in play'n go slots is much lower, but that is normal and so is the case at any Curacao licensed casino. What's the problem? In Malta licensed casinos we see the real RTP in play'n go slots, just activate the slot and enter the "info" about the slot, i.e. the question mark. There, we scroll down and we see the rtp given, and in the Curacao licensed casinos we do not have the rtp given ... why? it's the same play'n go provider..the same slots ... so of course it must have a purpose. Just read on the web,
  22. So i was going through stuff on my PC and came across this. wow this was a long time ago huh! back in the good old days!!!! @Mirela @Mladen @Darko @Bojana @milan @kat I sure miss them days! So i
  23. I have been noticing for past one week Dice betting speed on API has been slowed down. Which is causing DiceBot bets to run slow and gives 60bets/minute speed and it was more than 135bets/minute before. How am i sure it is not fault from my side? Because my internet connection is fine also my computer runs smooth. That's not the problem from my side. Stake have mistakenly changed bets settings for API bots like DiceBot. Why DiceBot betting speed should be fixed by Stake? We as a gambler mostly play on DiceBot and Dice is my favourite game of all in gambling,
  24. add a lottery to stake which will be drawn once a week (?) or something similar. 1 ticket would cost 1-2 euros/dollars or whatever. letme know what u think total pot depends on how many tickets bought in total.
  25. I dont know why. .i'm not lucky or something. .i'm trying hunt 1000x in 5 days. .never hit. . .and last game in 11300 roll i just got 1x payout 130x. .
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