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Found 14 results

  1. My collection lucky games: 196,793,661 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00002332 Payout: 362.50x Profit: 0.00843030 196,798,469 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 181.25x Profit: 0.01476628 196,796,075 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 41.83x Profit: 0.00334459
  2. 196,793,661 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00002332 Payout: 362.50x Profit: 0.00843030 196,798,469 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 181.25x Profit: 0.01476628 196,796,075 placed by biborr Wagered: 0.00008192 Payout: 41.83x Profit: 0.00334459
  3. Bitcoin in 2018 will be $50,000

    Bitcoin price is a roller coaster the start of the year 2018. It goes up at first and stays then go down and stay and go up a bit then drop more so low and rapidly. Will it go up again in a loop then down and up again? We really don’t know what will happen like we really don’t know what the reason of the huge drop is. Is it the news? The bad news that affect the mind of investors or is it really manipulated? But why other altcoins price also dropped? We really don’t know right? We just depending on big investors decisions. Their decisions will affect the bitcoin price also. But what do you think can affect those peoples mind in invested and selling their bitcoin? For sure the bad news and the good news they heard. The tweets of some influential people also affect them. That’s only my opinion. There is this news I read on some source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/cnbcs-ran-neuner-says-bitcoin-will-end-2018-at-50000, it says that CNBC’s Ran Neuner stated that Bitcoin price will end in 2018 at $50,000. Ran Neuner for sure is an influential person because CNBC is a big name in the world and he the host. And in addition to that other (28) twenty eight most influential blockchain insider according to Richtopia, Tweeted that Bitcoin price will be $50,000 in 2018. I don’t know if it will affect the price of Bitcoin or other crypto currency because as I check the CMC / Coinmarketcap.com list still on red percentage. I will just wait for next week update. Maybe this news will affect it soon.
  4. Bitcoin price dropping so low now. I wonder what price will it stop. Can you give a prediction about bitcoin price. What price will be the lowest drop and if it will pump up again to what price?
  5. Bitcoin will drop back to $1000

    I read a news about a Bitcoin price prediction again. Lots of predictions comes out and created by not just an ordinary people but peoples with big name in financial industries. Influential person like Tom Lee said that Bitcoin price this year will rise up to $25,000. But opposite to that, today Peter Boockvar, the Chief Investment Officer at Bleakley Advisory Group predict that Bitcoin will possible drop 70% to 90% which means it will go back to $1000 to $3000 price. Which prediction do you like? https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-to-drop-as-low-as-1000-this-year-wall-street-cio-predicts https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/18/fundstrats-tom-lee-is-even-more-bullish-after-crash.html
  6. We often saw in the past few weeks, institutionnal investors or banks claiming Bitcoin is a scam or will die soon. But everybody is not on the same page, some are really aware that BTC & others coins will change the future. It's the case of the billionaire Tilman Fertitta, founder and CEO of Landry’s Restaurant Inc who owns and operates more than 600 restaurant/hotel/casino/entertainment destinations in 35 states in the US. He was also a star in the reality show “Billion Dollar Buyer”. On the matter of crypto-currencies he said : “I mean, I remember somebody walking into my office and saying, ‘The world’s going to change. There’s this thing called the internet. And that wasn’t that long ago. So we have to remember this. It’s just something new and everything moves at a quicker pace today.” Source : https://www.ccn.com/billionaire-tilman-fertitta-bullishly-says-bitcoin-stay/
  7. Dennis Gartman is a former trader and creator of the The Gartman Letter in 1987 (where he send daily some advices about global capital markets to his members ... price 400$ a month). Over the years, he has also conducted numerous presentations and courses on issues relating to the capital markets and derivatives for various brokerage firms, central banks, and U.S. government entities. He's a luminary in the field. For him it's simple BTC is bullshit : “I won't trade it. I won't be long of it. I won't be short of it,” he announced, failing to see the merits of “some sort of an asset that has no real asset value behind it.” Source : https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-headed-below-5k-is-one-of-silliest-things-dennis-gartman-to-cnbc I believe it's part of the last "rush" for established financialists (banks, govs, old people who don't understand the current technology, ...). They will try to kill cryptos by saying whatever they can against it ... and probably buy some discretly just in case.
  8. I'm kinda worry now. I notice the rapid drop of Bitcoin price now. From $19,000+ drop to $18,000+ now. I'm not worried about how far it will drop now for I am confident that it will go back again soon. But what I'm worried about is how long will it take for Bitcoin to go up more than what it reached. After this drop will it go up to $20,000? I have some amount of Bitcoin in my wallet and I need it this week. I already lost a bit of it because of the sudden drop. What should I do now? Convert it to cash or wait for it to go up again? I need cash before the end of this week. What do you think will it go up again rapidly before end this week?
  9. So may I know your thoughts about BTC’s price at the end of the year? Did you remember that 2months ago we thought that it will only hit $6000 or $8000. Crazzzyyyyy huh? Well in my opinion BTC’s price will hit at the range of $25,000-$28,000.
  10. Hi guys I've created that topic in order to know what are the predctions for the BTC price in 2018 Do you think it will increase? Do you think it will decrease? It will increase, so how much do you think? It will decrease, so how much do you think? Have a Happy Holidays
  11. Saxo Bank, the Danish investment bank, makes its annual list of Outrageous Predictions, and one of the biggest is that Bitcoin will drop to a mere $1,000. Last year they predicted that BTC was ready to go from 700$ (the price at that time) to 2100+$. They were not wrong even if they were far from what really happened. For 2018 they see the BTC rising up to 60.000$ before totally busting at 1000$. What do you think girls & guys ? Source : https://www.sovereignman.com/trends/saxo-bank-predicts-bitcoin-collapse-to-1000-in-2018-22741/ You can read their full report here : https://www.home.saxo/-/media/documents/campaigns/outrageous-predictions/outrageouspredictions2018.pdf
  12. Rising Bitcoin Prices

    Rising Bitcoin Prices vv Down Below I Would Like Everyone Who See's This Post To Comment There Thoughts vv Well here are my thoughts Bitcoin price has gone up slowly over time and makes sense for how long its been but within the past 5 days, the bitcoin has gone from approx. $8,000 & is now worth approx. $10,900 I started using bitcoin on November 20th 2016 and back then i got transferred 0.01 of a bitcoin and back then I didnt think much of it, I thought hey.. its only like 10$ (Lets Spend It) That 0.01 of a bitcoin is now worth about 110$ USD. But I feel that within about 6-8 weeks, the bitcoin rise bubble will pop, recently within minutes the bitcoin would change about $200. This whole fluctuation is going to ruin the bitcoin community or make it huge and im scared that it might ruin it. If you are with me, cash out your bitcoin to paypal and wait a bit. This bubble will pop.
  13. Sometimes it's nice to have another point of view coming from outside the crypto space. This one is from Mike Maloney, who is a big gold and silver investor for years and see Bitcoin as a way to diversify his port-folio. He's weel aware about BTC, he invested in it as soon as 2014. I'm not saying I agree with all that he said in this video but I really enjoyed his comparaison with other bubbles he encounter in his life. Sometimes putting perspective and taking a step back is refreshing. Hope you'll enjoy the vid and learn some interesting stuff as I did
  14. BTC price guess

    At what price do you think BTC will be by Sept 1st? My guess is over 5000K USD *please note, this is not a giveaway or competition but only general speculation