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  1. I am interested in your choice of PC games for offline playing. What game is your favorite and why? 🤖🐱‍🏍🤹‍♀️🐱‍👤
  2. Which game has been the first one you have ever played and did you ever replay it after getting older? For me personally, the first game I have ever played was "Prince of Persia" on the Amiga. It was so extremely hard for me back in the day and I never really got far in it. I actually played it like 20 years later on an emulator just to see if it really was that difficult and even then it was quite hard to play to be honest
  3. I see a lot of strategies around but almost all of them busted in some point. Some of them running for hours other for days. Some give small profit some bigger but at the end all have the same result!! BUSTED!! I use my own strategy based on martingale system with dicebot and my profit is my balance x3 every 1 and a half month maybe 2 months depends on bets. I run my script 7-8 months 24/7 now and still running. i want to know if that considered a good script, a good strategy!
  4. ¿What is the sport you practice in the mornings before logging into your stake account? ⚽⚾🥎🏀🏐🏈🏉🎾🥏🎳🏏🏑🏒🏓🏸🥊🎯
  5. What do you guys think about stablecoins? Personally would love to see at least one, like USDT being added to stake. At the rate btc and all the other alts are increasing, i'd hate to be risking precious coin
  6. When you betted favorite teams and doing multi bets with low balance and losing from the last match i feel disgusting to them and WBU ? Here is a tip never bet to Turkish Teams cuz always happening opposite things on that league
  7. What is the point of uploading your id to verify the account, I previously restored my phone and lost access to 2fa, I suppose that the verification is for those cases to verify that you are the owner, or what is the point of verifying the account? or what is the point of uploading your document, does anyone know
  8. Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency but I love stake
  9. Hi @Stefan I got 8 point and post at #13 but I'm not on top 10 Chelsea 0 - 0 Aston Villa => 1 point Southampton 0 - 0 West Ham => 3 points West Brom 0 - 1 Leeds => 1 point Newcastle 0 - 0 Liverpool => 3 points Could you please help me to check? Thanks for your support! Nam
  10. Hard times are behind us, and maybe in front of us again too...But what can we do about it? Will we sit, wait and watch it pass by or we will take action and control the things that we can control? Will you enjoy your time in this life? Of course you should enjoy it! Now tell me your plans how will you fight these dark times! (You can be unrealistic too)
  11. Anyone knows that it's a small amount but for a low bettor how can we qualified to claim the bonus drop if we're not rich to bet a total of $5000? First of all, Stake mention that 12Days of bonus drop is not going to raised the amount of total bet. We just know that it fixed in $1000. We wait for nothing, now Bonus drops only for rich. Thumbs this if you want admin notice this and make it fixed in $1000.
  12. I can't post Pictures that size are larger than 2mb, anyone know what should I do so I can post it?
  13. I hope next year can be better
  14. Which song lyrics make you sad and which ones make you happy? What are your favorite song lyrics and why? What moves you? This one makes me want to change the world, and might have already helped me do that Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror "I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.."
  15. I can't stop laughing. All i see now is +5k alts online with this face:
  16. Is anyone know how does weekly bonus calculate?
  17. ive tried all the top slots but none of them seem to pay for me. whats your pick? whats your favorite?
  18. 🙃👌🏼NOOBIE ALERT🤪🤩 Just started this whole Bitcoin thing .. Any body willing to show me the tricks of the trade and maybe help me win some money💰 ⭐️How to I rank up the fastest for vip rewards? ⭐️Is the odds better for certain games over other games? ⭐️ What games do I have the best odds in f winning on? 💰😄🏅🥇Must be someone 😎with some knowledge out there🌟🏆😜 🥇💰😉Give me a shout😏 —— 🤩RJA31💰
  19. Youtube or Odyssey, which one became the best? Tell us😀
  20. So as we all know the giveaway is here. My question is, if you win the giveaway will you accept a lambo or will you take the dollar amount? If you opt for the cash, what will you spend it on if you decide not to save or invest?
  21. What was the first casino game YOU palyed?
  22. Hi @Rade Could you please help me to check my point in topic : I predict correct 3 result: Man City 2 - 0 Burnley Chelsea 0 - 0 Spurs West Ham 2 - 1 Aston Villa So my points are 9 instead of 7 Thanks for your recheck Nam Hi again sorry for my mistake with Man City 5 - 0 Burnley So my points is correct Regards,
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