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  1. MistaLK


    Hi, this might be a stupid question, but can someone please tell me who is Eddie and is he the man behind Stake.com or what is he?
  2. I was a winner in the June 5th100K raffle for $5,000 as you shall see if you go back and look at the Winner's List from that drawing. @Edward says on every stream that you don't need to be present to win. I wasn't present. I was in a hospital. Logging into stake was sort of the last thing on my mind. I did not receive an email saying that I had won, I've checked. The only notification that I received saying that I had won was a support message. That I got tonight. So when I tried to claim it it said it doesn't exist. So I sent a message to support oh, they ask for a screenshot I provided it. I was then told that it had expired and I could not claim it. I asked for location URL document or web page that says how long you have to claim a raffle winning before it expires, I could not be provided one. I am a US citizen who is currently traveling abroad and had attempted to verify before winning the raffle, thinking that it wanted the information off of my us documentation because that's the only documentation I have being that I'm not a citizen of Sweden nor am I really a resident just a long-term visitor as you can travel between countries for up to 180 days without a Visa oh, I don't have any documentation to provide the contrary but that should be regardless considering that I won the raffle after attempting to verify and the only reason I even did that was because the wording that I saw on the verification post said that you wouldn't be punished for attempting to verify. @Steven just locked the topic of June 5th Raffle winners 3 days ago. Allowing me To collect my raffle winnings, would be a godsend right now with all the unexpected expenses from my extended Hospital stay. Not to mention I would probably play some of them if I had the ability. If raffle winnings expire people should be told this. If someone wins a raffle there should be an email or something more than just a support message people take breaks all the time. Telling me that my raffle winning expired because of a bonus code is completely asinine. If stake doesn't want to pay me my raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiring that isn't mentioned anywhere nor could I be provided of any document or term or clause stating such oh, then maybe you'd want to pay me a bug bounty because I've discovered a flaw in the account creation process and I would be happy to disclose details to support or engineers after payment is agreed upon for the information. I Look forward to resolving this quickly, as I do know how to be quite loud on the internet and I really don't think stake wants to be known as the place that won't allow you to collect your raffle winnings because of a bonus code expiration that isn't stated anywhere after being told that you don't have to be present to win. Thanks, Celeste
  3. Hey everyone! As most of you already know, Stake released monthly bonuses today. How much did you receive for your monthly? I got a nice $40 bonus, no complaints here. I'm currently bronze VIP rank and am curious to know how all of you did, since wager $ and VIP rank are taken into account.
  4. Which song lyrics make you sad and which ones make you happy? What are your favorite song lyrics and why? What moves you? This one makes me want to change the world, and might have already helped me do that Michael Jackson – Man in the Mirror "I'm starting with the man in the mirror I'm asking him to change his ways And no message could have been any clearer If you want to make the world a better place Take a look at yourself, and then make a change.."
  5. What is your biggest win on sweet bonanza. I hear a lot about this game.
  6. College football is coming up who is your favorite team to win?
  7. Hello there fellow Stakers, I’m wanting to run Dice for several hours on auto but the most I am getting at the moment is 1 hour and it will stop. Some times it’s like 10 minutes. Does anyone happen to know how you get this to play for longer periods without stopping? Thank guys!
  8. Guy's be saying f***k I just loss 6k, stake scam me, stake is a a**hole, but you still play. Lol
  9. Yes i believe, i can buy anything all i want.. Stake, solve my financial problem about money...
  10. Kuyasom


    How to use this thing. helpppp hahaa
  11. berdasarkan pengamatan kalian apakah mampu Indonesia membuat koin crypto sendiri ?
  12. Apa bedanya WAGER tanpa profit dengan WAGER+PROFIT ?
  13. Hi guy's new to stake. How I post in the telegram challenge it not giving me a option to post. I read the rules and it say I need to post my ID and I have to post 10 post. His that mean i have to create 10 topic. Please help me by replying please
  14. I get Italy to win by 2. What u think
  15. What are some of the best slots to play with big bonus.
  16. Hi all, I started off trying my luck at BJ and Baccarat (Stake Originals), but found myself losing like crazy. I decided to try Limbo and HILO hoping to have better luck but I ripped my balance way too many times. I wondered how I could have the best control over my wins/losses despite gambling being completely luck (especially online). I stumbled upon Mines and spent a lot of time trying to figure out the best strategy that would minimize my risk and maximize my return. I think I finally found the best strategy. You want to set your mines to 5 and select 3 squares at random and then cash out. I boosted my balance from $3 to $200 in about an hour. Now I don't want to claim to be an expert, but I thought I'd share what worked for me in hopes it might work for you! Cheers, GoldenBlazer
  17. I Lost everything twice and it feels like crap , But this bad feeling makes you better understand of the truth. Makes you find out that material things are not everything, you find out who you really are, you find out who your real friends are, you find out that believing in God really dose help, you find out there are people far worse in the world, you find out that life, love, family, faith and truth mean more than you ever realized, you find that drinking a half of JackDaniel a day doesn't help make it better but it sure makes the bad days go by faster, I grew up a lot when I lost everything, But I never wanted to grow up. How did you feel the moment When you lost a lot of money?
  18. I am interested in your choice of PC games for offline playing. What game is your favorite and why? 🤖🐱‍🏍🤹‍♀️🐱‍👤
  19. i got more than 1ticket show me and tell me how many tickets u have goodluck to everyone CHEERS $100k Weekly Giveaway #796445 #759148 #561010 #505151 #497812 #465598 #450028 #396909 #382215 #254139 #86287
  20. To all fellow diamond players: Have any of you taken advantage of the 10%-20% partial VIP bar releases? If so, did you find that it’s worth it financially? Compared to if you waited to complete the full bar?
  21. Drekso

    Asking for

    I was visiting the stake.com platform when I made the observation of original stake games and other games which are in second category .... Please, is there a fundamental difference to know in relation to these two categories?
  22. Mukey

    Please help :(

    I had an email yesterday from stake saying your on your way to bronze VIP keep it up! But I’m already on my way to silver, i’ve just logged in and cannot see my balance, VIP is gone and cannot see transactions/statistics they are all 0. And support aren’t even reading my messages starting to get scared... Getting this error message every 2 seconds ”Error Preflight response is not successful”
  23. cara cepat bronze gi mana ya, mohon bimbingannya suhu 🙏 ? Katanya ke bronze, wager $10.000 total taruhan, Maksudnya total taruhan seluruh mata uang coin, Atau satu mata uang coin ? semoga yang berbagi ilmu tambah banyak ilmunya. suwun kang suhu🙏
  24. Apakah ada pengaruhnya beda nama akun stake Dengan Akun nama forum ???
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