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  1. SOMETHING TO TRY On Auto: Bet: 100sat (Or what your BR can handle) Bets: 25 Reset on Win On Loss, increase 125% AFTER 25 BETS CHANGE CRYPTO COIN (XRP TO BTC) AND DO SAME. SWITCH BACK TO FIRST COIN AND CONTINUE.
  2. vifaz

    Stake App

    Happy New Year folks, in 2021 I wish Stake would make an app for phone (android & iphone) to make things easier.
  3. I am interested in your choice of PC games for offline playing. What game is your favorite and why? 🤖🐱‍🏍🤹‍♀️🐱‍👤
  4. Hello! Stake Casino could run a year-long, 365-day race. With a total of 15,000 winners. The first place winner would win 1 million dollars, from the second place winner to the 15,000 position, the 2 million would be divided for the winners. Leave your opinion, this helps the site to bring new promotions and grow every day. Good luck and good profits!😉
  5. What do you guys think about stablecoins? Personally would love to see at least one, like USDT being added to stake. At the rate btc and all the other alts are increasing, i'd hate to be risking precious coin
  6. u should advertise stake on sythe.org (if sythe is willing to promote gambling) - 600k members - alot of crypto related markets - gamers (probably interested of crypto gambling)
  7. Pa help Naman po ano po ba kailangan ko gawin para nakapag sent ako sa chat box hindi po Kaso ako makapg sent..
  8. Option to “lock” funds in your vault for specified amount of time. You choose the length of time (like 30 min or 3 hours) and can’t withdraw until the time limit is up. I think it would be useful to prevent you from losing all of your funds in the heat of the moment.
  9. Hello! Would you like Stake games to have a Jackpot? For example: To win the jackpot, the minimum bet amount could be just $ 0.01 and it would work like this: You could have a fixed jackpot amount of 0.005 Bitcoin in all games or a Jackpot that would be added 0.00005 satoshis to every 1 hour, if all games have a jackpot, it would be more fun and exciting to play. Would you also like to have a sports betting jackpot? Leave here your suggestion of how you would like the Jackpot to be. Thank you for your attention and I wish you success and good luck in everyone's games.😉
  10. I seen the post where it's asking your best paying slot. That question seemed geared towards everyone's favorite slot overall. I would like to have a place to look daily for the best paying slots of the day. You could also post which slots are not in a pay cycle, you know your go-tos that aren't doing well that day. Not sure if this will work or catch on but it would be cool if it did! So today my hottest slot would be Dragon Pearls -Boongo- Won the Major Jackpot on a $1 spin and stayed 🔥 Beowulf - Pragmatic Play Was consistent
  11. Hello! Would you like to receive a bonus once a week just for participating in forum events? It would work like that! Forum users would earn a bonus once a week, but in order to receive this bonus, you would have to participate in the forum events, and having increased your reputation in the last 7 days, the 25 most active users during the week would earn the bonus. Good luck with your bets.😉
  12. Hello all, since Stake API's is not currently working anymore, and previous topic about doesn't exists anymore, I don't know IF and when API's will be enabled again, since there is not any info/update about nowhere... so I'd like create this topic as place where to share the pieces of code which can be used by users whose like to create their own customized strategies... and a place where to discuss about problems facing during the coding to play on Stake. So it would be a place where to share the ritght codes to be used into own programs, and not exactly a place where to share
  13. Can anyone please suggest a work or if stake offer a work what is a requirement i really want to have a work online so please guys if you know one comment on this thanks 🙏
  14. Пишите комментарии, если тема актуальная, в дальнейшем могу вылаживать мега товары с кодами И для вас могу подготавливать мега нарезки видоса, буду рад любой вашей активности, лайки дизлайти и.т.д. Ссылка на мой канал Только посмотрите на эту красоту
  15. Guys what do you think in investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin ₿ or Ethereum⬨ ? Are they worth it ? As you can see in this picture. Only for a week Bitcoin ₿ has risen up so much. Will it go more ? Let's look Ethereum⬨ now. They look alike. What if you guys had 1,000$ that's must be a lot of profit. What about 10,000$ , 20,000$? Tell me do you think it's a good time now ? I am waiting for good suggestions. Thanks in advance -Woody
  16. I think this is a good addition to our platform. + has great potential for application in this sector I propose to arrange a vote
  17. Guys, can anyone guide, where and when Conquer the Casino results are declared. Never Found any link yet.. Ex. Last weeks contest period is now over. New contest already declared. So will the results of last week be declared today or later some time.. ThanQ for sharing your thoughts in advance 🙂
  18. First of stake hands does more for the people who play on their than any other by far I would like to suggest tier races there’s no reason to expect a bronze to be in the same race as a platinum and be able to compete it’s like David and Goliath but in this the David’s get slaughtered every time there’s just like in society different classes of wealth if you divide it up in 3 tiers races would be more exciting
  19. danny1978


    You guys should add section on your page were it shows your progress wagered profit loss and your weekly and monthly like at this point 22 dollars lay more goes up just so we know how we’re doing
  20. What do you think, if Stake had a $ 222 daily lottery to be divided among the 10 lucky players? The daily lottery could work like this: for each 1 cent bet you would win 1 point, and these points you could buy or convert into lottery tickets, so you would be participating in the lottery to be able to win the prize, if there is no winner, the prize, would double in the next draw. There could also be a weekly contest of the 100 players who managed to place 200,000 bets in the week, and each would win a prize in cryptocurrencies. What do you think? I will be happy to know your opinions. I t
  21. What you guys think? Also that 8x American sports promo is over or not? @EddieFx
  22. anyone willing to share dice strategies for the new update on dice , please post here ^^ thank you
  23. 🙃👌🏼NOOBIE ALERT🤪🤩 Just started this whole Bitcoin thing .. Any body willing to show me the tricks of the trade and maybe help me win some money💰 ⭐️How to I rank up the fastest for vip rewards? ⭐️Is the odds better for certain games over other games? ⭐️ What games do I have the best odds in f winning on? 💰😄🏅🥇Must be someone 😎with some knowledge out there🌟🏆😜 🥇💰😉Give me a shout😏 —— 🤩RJA31💰
  24. Youtube or Odyssey, which one became the best? Tell us😀
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