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Found 15 results

  1. Guys, can anyone guide, where and when Conquer the Casino results are declared. Never Found any link yet.. Ex. Last weeks contest period is now over. New contest already declared. So will the results of last week be declared today or later some time.. ThanQ for sharing your thoughts in advance 🙂
  2. Can someone please explain how I should go about referring a new user to the stake.com website? Also, once I’ve obtained some referrals, then how do I go about managing all of my referrals? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, everyone! We would like to hear some feedback on Stake support so far. Whether good or bad, we would like to hear your opinion. We are trying our best to provide fast, efficient, and friendly help, but there is always room for improvement and reaching the perfection. Please, leave your comments/suggestions on this thread, Regards from your Support team!
  4. I can't post Pictures that size are larger than 2mb, anyone know what should I do so I can post it?
  5. Hello every one im just here to share my experience in sports betting dota the first time i won on team secret but suddenly it's voided because of wrong odds but all of the enemy of team secret is high odds heres the pictures of the bet and by the way that time secret win 7 consecutive championship in dota tournament Here's the id of the bet i bet on secret enemy sport:1624821 sport:1624821 sport:1474794 sport:1490777
  6. What is the point of uploading your id to verify the account, I previously restored my phone and lost access to 2fa, I suppose that the verification is for those cases to verify that you are the owner, or what is the point of verifying the account? or what is the point of uploading your document, does anyone know
  7. And all week you play and see how change your money. + motivation = knowledge about how mach only ++++ Look not only time before, look and how much...sooo cute so motivation to play more
  8. Hello, I am a new user of stake casino and I am trying to make my first withdrawal. I have some money in xrp but when I go to withdraw them from wallet an error message appears stating "Error: You are not allowed to do that". I have completed my verification, and when I contact in the live chat they ask me to email them to : accounts.stake.com I have done that and in the chat they said they are "hopefully" going to answer me in the next 48 hours. However, considering the volatile nature of xrp nowadays I would like to withdraw my funds now. Do you have any ideas on why that error messagge
  9. Anyone knows that it's a small amount but for a low bettor how can we qualified to claim the bonus drop if we're not rich to bet a total of $5000? First of all, Stake mention that 12Days of bonus drop is not going to raised the amount of total bet. We just know that it fixed in $1000. We wait for nothing, now Bonus drops only for rich. Thumbs this if you want admin notice this and make it fixed in $1000.
  10. As you wish ....! _ * * _👉 Life is your ....! _ * * _👉 age and time is running out ...! _ * * _👉 Change the thought , Change life ....! _ * * _90% People do not succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them, they see it through the eyes of "doubt" ..._ * * _➖10% People succeed because whenever an opportunity comes to them they see it as an "opportunity" ...! _ * * _We all got a chance Is…. _ * * _👉 to do something new…! _ * * _👉 to do something off ..! _ * * _👉 to do something. .! * _
  11. 🙃👌🏼NOOBIE ALERT🤪🤩 Just started this whole Bitcoin thing .. Any body willing to show me the tricks of the trade and maybe help me win some money💰 ⭐️How to I rank up the fastest for vip rewards? ⭐️Is the odds better for certain games over other games? ⭐️ What games do I have the best odds in f winning on? 💰😄🏅🥇Must be someone 😎with some knowledge out there🌟🏆😜 🥇💰😉Give me a shout😏 —— 🤩RJA31💰
  12. Kadun85


    Saya dari Indonesia silahkan anda terjemahkan, saya punya saran untuk menambahkan permainan catur dengan taruhan, tinggal di bedakan kelas kelasnya ..
  13. Kalik

    Lost two factor

    Hi, i've lost my phone with stake 2fa code. How can i recover IT?
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