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  1. So I love this casino it's the only casino I deposit to and I'm almost at gold, I got the telegram VIP message regarding verifying account but I was born in the UK and live in Ireland with my girlfriend and have done for several years... I messaged support saying as I'm from the UK can I still verify my account as I know UK is restricted.... now she replied saying she has banned me :( I'm so upset I have spent a lot of time and money on the VIP program and now it's all gone to waste I am so sad.
  2. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rallied today, surpassing USD 290 for an hour, on reports that the prominent supporter of BCH, Jihan Wu is back as the CEO of major crypto mining company Bitmain. (Updated at 08:00 UTC: updates throughout the entire text.) At pixel time (07:02 UTC), BCH trades at c. USD 288 and is up by 10% in the past 24 hours and by 24% in the past week. BCH price chart: Micree Zhan Ketuan, who started Bitmain with Wu six years ago, no longer holds any position at the Beijing-based company effective immediately, Wu said in an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg News.
  3. Hello, everyone! We would like to hear some feedback on Stake support so far. Whether good or bad, we would like to hear your opinion. We are trying our best to provide fast, efficient, and friendly help, but there is always room for improvement and reaching the perfection. Please, leave your comments/suggestions on this thread, Regards from your Support team!
  4. Hello Stakers, I'm aware that there was a website offering the service to look up on your bets, but it hasn't been maintained for a while. I have found an alternative way to lookup through your bets. Maybe one day I will develop a website too, now I'm too lazy 😂. PREREQUISITES Microsoft Excel Your account 5 minutes of your time Coffee as needed STEPS 1. Go on Transactions tab 2. Select Bet Archive and download the bets for the day that you're looking for. You will see a downloaded file called bet-archive.json
  5. Been trying for 2 days now, cant create an account. When i fill the captcha it shows a text that say "We'e sorry -something's gone wrong. Our team has been notified, try refreshing your browser or let us know what happened". Soo after refreshing the browser a million times here i am looking for help. My best regards.
  6. Mukey

    Please help :(

    I had an email yesterday from stake saying your on your way to bronze VIP keep it up! But I’m already on my way to silver, i’ve just logged in and cannot see my balance, VIP is gone and cannot see transactions/statistics they are all 0. And support aren’t even reading my messages starting to get scared... Getting this error message every 2 seconds ”Error Preflight response is not successful”
  7. Kalahterus


    Remove login. 2fa. Dan saya tidak bisa menghapus
  8. Ellfrina

    Lost code 2fa

    Help. I lost code 2fa
  9. I believe that the near future update in Stake's Marketing Business should be the issuing of Visa Card . Where Stake users have the possibility to Load Their own Stake Visa Cards instantly and directly from Stake wallets without fees. Fees are only applied when Users are spending their funds using Stake Visa Card . Stake users are able to: Reserve and manage your Visa Card on Stake website. Top up your card using your Fiat Wallet, Stake Wallet, or credit/debit card . ATM withdrawals. And shop online worldwide anywhere Visa is accepted. Cash back
  10. Stake has made raffles where only those with enough money can access a ballot for that event almost without losing a dollar. Unlike those who have little and would like to be part of these raffles, by trying to get a ballot they lose their account balance. At this point it demonstrates Stake's interest in making more and more money at the expense of those who have the least, and with it favoring and facilitating access to their events only to like Stake players. ⬇️ Question ⬇️ Do you think stake should take into account the gameplay of users unable to get a $1000 ballot, and
  11. Ajlove


    Love diamonds too Its easy to get lol
  12. how are weekly boost really computed ? is it just a ramdom thing?
  13. I have been gambling on Stake for two months now. I'm upto silver vip and I'd say I'm fairly active in the chat and whatnot. Last night I placed $50 on Eddies 100% risk free bet, spoke to support about an unrelated issue and then I logged off. I slept for 7 hours, eddies bet lost and I just logged in to find my account has been marked suspicious and I need to verify for my "safety" (I already have 2fa so...) I just don't understand how my account has been suspicious when It was fine when I was last was on, and since then I haven't been online? How could it possibly be suspicio
  14. So the site is acting wierd. Can't place a bet or anything. I get this error. Plus I can't pull up any live support. Shows me old tickets but no option to chat. Wierd. @Tamara Sorry this is as shot from desktop site. And crash isn't even showing people playing or what they bet.
  15. So i was going through stuff on my PC and came across this. wow this was a long time ago huh! back in the good old days!!!! @Mirela @Mladen @Darko @Bojana @milan @kat I sure miss them days! So i
  16. Hi Darko and other stake staff first of all, keep it up for having such a lovely website and fun competitions. I won the ncaa bracket (beginners luck) but was expecting a message from support when I login as I normally do but didn’t get any so after waiting for some days yesterday I asked support staff but they didn’t have definitive answer and today they mentioned that 20 April was last day to redeem the coupon which was posted on the same forum thread. As I mentioned, I wasn’t aware of this and hence I missed it. Since this is a $210 coupon which is not redeemed yet, I
  17. I have been noticing for past one week Dice betting speed on API has been slowed down. Which is causing DiceBot bets to run slow and gives 60bets/minute speed and it was more than 135bets/minute before. How am i sure it is not fault from my side? Because my internet connection is fine also my computer runs smooth. That's not the problem from my side. Stake have mistakenly changed bets settings for API bots like DiceBot. Why DiceBot betting speed should be fixed by Stake? We as a gambler mostly play on DiceBot and Dice is my favourite game of all in gambling,
  18. SOMETHING TO TRY On Auto: Bet: 100sat (Or what your BR can handle) Bets: 25 Reset on Win On Loss, increase 125% AFTER 25 BETS CHANGE CRYPTO COIN (XRP TO BTC) AND DO SAME. SWITCH BACK TO FIRST COIN AND CONTINUE.
  19. This is the situation: I was trying to complete the Overbook Challenge from Dusan by betting on Total/Asian Market. As I am not an expert on Sports betting I was not very sure if my bet was OK for the challenge My bet ID: sport:8340616 You can see that Milan (Support) told me this bet was completing all the requirements for the challenge, so when he confirmed that my bet was ok I stopped trying this challenge as I show in the pictures down below. This mistake costed me over 20$ (since my account is verified) and It was a mistake by support since Milos (support) also confi
  20. Pa help Naman po ano po ba kailangan ko gawin para nakapag sent ako sa chat box hindi po Kaso ako makapg sent..
  21. siang gans, gimana ya gabisa verifikasi karna ktp gabisa diperpanjang, aparat bilangnya biasa blangko gada. udah coba paksa verify tetap aja ga di acc. mohon bantuannya
  22. Hi i am new to stake and i am attempting my 1st withdrawal but when i do i get an error with the attached message being you are not allowed to do that. I contacted support and they told me to email accounts@stake.com(waiting on a response). I just want to ask if anyone else had this issue and what is the procedure for this kind of a problem.
  23. Guys, can anyone guide, where and when Conquer the Casino results are declared. Never Found any link yet.. Ex. Last weeks contest period is now over. New contest already declared. So will the results of last week be declared today or later some time.. ThanQ for sharing your thoughts in advance 🙂
  24. Can someone please explain how I should go about referring a new user to the stake.com website? Also, once I’ve obtained some referrals, then how do I go about managing all of my referrals? Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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