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John loved his job as a train driver.It was his dream since he was a child. He loved to make the train go fast. One day he was travelling too fast and crashed. A person died.

Needless to say, he went to court over this incident. He was found guilty, and was sentenced to death by electrocution. On the day of the execution, he requested a single apple as his final meal. After eating the apple, he was put into the electric chair. The switch was flown, sparks flew, and smoke filled the air, but nothing happened. John was unharmed.

At the time, there was an old law that said a failed execution was a sign of divine intervention, so the man was allowed be free. He managed to get his old job back as a train driver. Having not learned his lesson at all, he went straight back to driving the train. Again, he caused a train to crash, this time killing two children. The trial went much the same as the first, resulting in a sentence of execution. For his last meal, the man requested two apples. After eating the apples, he was put into the electric chair. The switch was thrown, sparks flew, smoke filled the room - and the man was once unharmed.

This of course meant that he was free to go. Once again, he managed to get his old job back. To what should have been the surprise of no one, he crashed yet another train and killed three people. And again found himself being sentenced to death. On the day of his execution, he requested his final meal, three apples.

"You know what? No," said the guard. "I've had it with you and your apples and walking out of here untouched. I'm not giving you anything to eat. We are strapping you in and doing this now." It was against protocol, but the man was put in to the electric chair without a final meal. The switch was pulled, sparks flew, smoke filled the room - and the man was still unharmed. The executioner was astonished

John looked at the guard and said, "Oh, the apples had nothing to do with it. I'm just a pathetic conductor."

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