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Currency Status part of ETHEREUM

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Good morning FAMILY, I come to talk about a currency that promises me a lot in what will be this year and is about the cryptocurrency status, this currency according to what e read is part of Ethereum then what it means that it will have a great value in a few years.

Remember that cryptocurrencies always have a very revolving value and I really like this currency because ETHEREUM is a very high value currency, which means that it is time to collect this currency we do not know with what value we can find in a few months or even in a YEAR.

Finally I want to limit something that happened to me with the Currency Status (SNT) so I have been inquiring about this currency, and talked with many friends who are in this world of cryptocurrencies but they tell me that it is one of the tokens of Ethereum, who do not think it will be too much of a value to be a TOKEN, but if I see that a very decentralized currency with open source I think that for more it should be a GREAT PROMISE TO THE FUTURE.

I really want everyone here to comment and what opinion they have about this currency in order to support us with our knowledge. Thank you very much.

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