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Will you tip when you win big

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Heya stakers ,

When you win big like 9mill btc or something from a very very low bet will you tip others ??? 

Well I had one 50k of 100 sats and I had tipped 807.... guy in stake when I said I am now gonna bust this amount. He was like don't bust save it and play later so I tipped him 10k and still I busted the amt anyway. 

Also I had got a huge tip of 100k sats in stake from BankofFresh and that was a good day. xD. 

So what are your sayings on this if you win big will u tip others or no and gamble the winning ?? 

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10 minutes ago, KinAniK said:

If I win small like 1.5/2 mil I tip players in chat but limited. But if I win big I tip lots of players in chat. Even I tipped lots of players on chat without win anything somedays back 😛

Oh nice . Gl on winning more so we get tips xD JK. 

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1 minute ago, CaptainLorca said:

Yeah. Did trivias before. But usually I tip beloved ones 🖖

Like umm people you like or know ??

2 minutes ago, athena2007 said:

well if i won that much i wold tip .. in private ,, and not too everyone.. as it seems u are as popular as ya last tip.. its nice to be popular for being REAL

Oh ok gl on winning 

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