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ETH fees is higher than bitcoin's

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Average transaction fees for Ethereum have surpassed Bitcoin for the first time ever .

Ethereum  has seen a recent spate of spam transactions clog up its network – a phenomenon from which Bitcoin previously suffered – pushing up miner fees significantly. 

On Monday, co-founder Vitalik Buterin estimated the additional cost to the network from those transactions at around $15 million. “Free market principles prevent me from being too upset at someone using the ETH blockchain as they wish, but wow,” he commented on Twitter after calculating the figures.

What do you think about Ethereum’s transaction fees surpassing Bitcoin’s?  Personnaly  its a  good  sign for me   ^^




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5 hours ago, cryptosfr said:

yes  now they are  lower , as  Vitalik said  it was due  to Spam . Pretty strange  but   now it seem  over 

You can  check  average transaction fees   on this site  https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/bitcoin-transactionfees.html#3m



Ok well thanks lol. But just a tip use coinomi wallet since it give you option for selecting what priority so fees can be reduced 

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