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hey ya all.. a quick rub down with some massage balm may help you relax and take the stress out of your day at the dice or any other activites u so... i use these balms which i would recommend,,,the person to do the rubbing doesnt come in the box but the balm does heres a website that sell the balms i use and send abroad to my friends.. andjoy and chill and relax.

You can chose a variety of balms to your liking .. 

SOURCE :http://www.wangpromherb.com/products.php?lang=en



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these balms are top qaulity and a low price .. i am not in the commision bissiness on these balms just that i send them to a friends shop in cyprus and is one of the best sellers here in thailand.. 

They dont wear off fast like low quality balms and the coolness or the hotness of them last a good duration .. as for taste hahahahah i dont eat them lol... hope that answered your question 

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