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How many times you visit the site ?

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5 hours ago, blueprints said:

What do you mean by visit the site? I close and open my browser to check on stake a few times but will usually take like 2 long breaks in my day from stake. 

Its like in a day you always check your mail right ? Like that same routine instead of checking your mail you go to Stake.com. So in that sense how many times in a day ? 

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I used to visit every day and I had it open in one of my browser tab all the time, but recently I decided to slow down for a while and I visit only 2 - 3 times per week. I wanted to visit just for the forum challenges but never find time to complete them, so it was a while since I actually won any money from forum challenge. I hope they will not end like the rest of cool features in the forum that were taken away...

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