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A Pizza Poll.

Do Pineapples Belong On Pizza?  

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  1. 1. Do Pineapples Belong On Pizza?

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  • Poll closed on 08/02/2019 at 10:04 PM

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2 hours ago, spice4love said:

Hawaii Pizza is with pineapples by tradition ;) sounds weird but some people like it


Though to be honest some people say tomato is fruit as well - but savoury fruit - so if this is true we put fruit on pizza by default

Join the poll @spice4love !!! The Pineapple Pizza Poll! haha 😁


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1 hour ago, Mirela said:

"No pineapple on pizza" people are winning! There's still hope for the mankind :P 😁

I have this strong feeling you are all conspiring together, only messaging non-pineapple pizza lovers. We need more users to come into this voting poll haha! 

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20 hours ago, spice4love said:

I like Pineapple on icecream but on Pizza to me its also too strange - sometimes its good to mix salt and sweet but Pineapple is too sweet for pizza. 

I have never heard of pineapples on ice cream, BUT i am willing to try it out haha because pineapples are love ❤️ and love ❤️ is pineapples.

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5 hours ago, kylemcm said:

Honestly hate pineapple on pizza but idgaf. It should be on pizza yes.

hahaha! Thank you! Such kind words to hearrr 

5 hours ago, awesomeaf said:

you people who say no are crazy. its teh besssssst

We need to send more people here to this post! Get some more YES's! 

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