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Boomerang Or Fly-Fishing .. BeggarsTechnique

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Hey ya all so here we have the ..Fishing techniques they are methods for catching tips,,,,,,,,,,,,

:BOMMERANG:   Technique  you throw small TIPS here and there and then you PM  and ask for some back but MORE...

:FLY-FISHING:      Technique   same kinda end result throw a few TIPS here and there  high rollers are a premium and hope a high roller  or someone returns with a bigger chunk...

:SPEARFISHING:   Technique  suspicious when people see someone tippin they imidiately say check pm to that person.,. hmmmmm whats that about

:FISHING TRAWLER       Pms peeps says anything and everything to enduce tips. trying not to incriminate its self as a beggar ..pretending that its joking and saying im bust and im sad  by saying good hit becarefull i have a good strat for you ect ect ...  in chat aswell ..

:ANGLING WITH A ROD  Ok so this type of fisherman is a regular in chat or comes in chat saying busted im busted and so on ...what are they looking for SYMPATHY A FEW TEARS OR JUST PLAIN BEGGING ...

:BLAST FISHING  Sending tips to youself with tip box unchecked and then checking box to send back so peeps think you are winning..HENCE the BOMMERANG FISHING  comes in they send u hoping for a bigger return.. 

:REVERSE BOMMERANG: Best position is to receive boomerang and never throw it back. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)

:MOBY-DICK HARPON  Pick a whale and start to watch him in chat,   do not get distracted by anything else (including your usual fishing or,god forbid, gambling)  only react to his words,  laugh at his jokes, tentatively suggest some strats  Pm constantly .......when ready -strike!

Eugene holds the copyright...Added by @veleten


What are your thaught on this??? ..Do you know any other styles techniques of satoshi fishing ????? let me know ... i would love to see the response  

EXCLAIMER: These are all tounge in cheek comments if you are offended in anyway phone the police or the united nations ..

:By the way no offence to the fishing community ..






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47 minutes ago, CryptoAnt said:

I think some people are kind enough to tip back if they win haha 😂 Karma is key right? haha

I had this from BankofFresh lol he tipped me Pecka and I think lupa and 1 mod too. He tipped 100k sats btc xD

1 hour ago, athena2007 said:

i wouldnt wanna take your private earning away from you kate   muahahahhahaha


I know xX

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8 minutes ago, Eugene265 said:

Athena thats my favorite topic lol. Thanks for a such important info xD

well as u are the master fisherman they  might learn something from you.. but i am sure you will not tell.. JEANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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Very funny!  Great summary of the methods they employ.  Of course, some of them are just chatting, but I guess that's what makes using them to beg so effective.

It would be interesting if some of the generous people who tip a lot responded and explained what they are looking for in a good "tipee".

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