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Mission Accomplished.

  • Redeemed my House😀
  • Parents health insurance/maintenance medicine etc.

Those above mention are my major accomplishment when i hit the highest multiplier in mines. my house has been pawned by my ex wife for 500kphp or = morethan 1 BTC, 10years ago,and now stake fix it😊 of course we all love our parents, were here in this world because of them,my parents are both on their 76 y/o, so i took care of them😀 i also help my sis as she giving birth to his 2nd son by CS, i also secure my kids edu plan, my wife will delivering our 3rd son this coming october so i also prepared for it😀 sounds awkward because this is a gambling money, but i think its nothing wrong with it, i ddint SCAM anyone, not even asking for some funds to anyone😀this is may a god well, i strive it hard and it paid of, thanks stake for having me this win it really big big help.

Story Behind the winning shot😀

i may say that i am a lucky one stake player last week if not a luckiest😀i made deposit for 200k sats to hunt the giveaways in mines 900+x. just set auto bet with 500bets and when i hit it, i switched to 5mx and set 10k bets with 32sats and let my pc work for me, as i am bz working on site. this is my routine when i am at work .when im came back at the office i checked it, and damn i was surprise when see that my balance is more than 1 BTC😀i though it was just a bug coz i ddint see my bet in H/R maybe theirs lot of HR player at that time, so i turn off my pc and open it again and when my balance dosnt change i withdraw it,  and boom that's it, its for real😂. after more than 6 months of hunting now paid off😀and the hard hunt will continue coz this is just the beginning.😀 to my tele friends you know who you are pardon guys just prioritizing the priorities 😀 i know you are all rich kidding😄


Dont expect that you can hit it in just few bets, if it come then your luckiest one, instead expect nothing while playing and it will turn to something if you win.😉


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10 minutes ago, ravenyvolle2 said:

I wish i can be as lucky as you :P But then again, i dont have any patience haha xD

Happy for you kuya!:) 

yeah patience is really needed for this hunting😉, when faris post his win with high multiplier in mine, i told to my self that one day i can make it too and thats it i made it..you guys can make it too just keep going specially when phone/pc is idling😀 but dont do like faris did the 0 bet,😂

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3 hours ago, xtinepink said:

Grats to you nhoy! No more airdrops then? Hahaha rish bish! Congrats again and good job on the accomplishment 

nothing change @xtinepink im still on ICO haha, i just got trouble with my tele makes my phone hang😀


1 hour ago, Han2x said:

Congrats @nhoyasim101. I'm trying it now. I hope I can hit it soon. You are very lucky bro. Good luck for the next one. 

How much it cost to you to hit that?

I dunno how much i cost for this win @Han2x coz everytime i have balance i always hunt this, sometimes i bet 100+sats depends on my balance...yes you can do it too bro just have a little patience wish you good luck😀

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