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hey friends its me bmg here to share a cool topic....  Recently a good friend of mine you know her as @Lillyflow has been doing some really fun streams & I would really recommend you check her out .  shes a sweetheart and i know you'll all enjoy her streams as much as i do.. you can follow her at     twitch.tv/Lillyflow        

just wanna add that im super proud of u Lori luv your doing great girl keep it up💜

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I already did watch it but the problem is that my connection can't handle the awesome stream I will try to fix my connection first and be part of the awesome stream. Good luck to all that watch it. I know everyone enjoyed it. 

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Awww melt my heart and call me a puddle why dont ya? 

❤️BMG you sweet little woman!   Ha ha you made my day! ❤️

Yesterday the last giveaway of the session the keyword was #DanApproveLillyPlease which I hope helped to convince the powers that be to keep letting me  stream.  I really love doing it  - and I think it is super fun to interact with so many people at the same time. Between twitch,discord, and the live stake chat room it can get VERY busy and I like it... very much.  

Shinjo makes it look easy - but it is not at all easy. He is a master of smooth operation.  

💟I am learning. 


Thank you BMG for making my day!  I heart you! 💟


Just now, SUPREMOCOC said:

She is nice doing streamings, but I don't like her music style :) 

Well, I had music on for only 3 minutes - and now I have decided to keep it at only my voice in the stream, since it can be a bit overwhelming with too much noise.  I like the sound of keno instead. lol 

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