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I loved these two comments so much: 

2 hours ago, wilbur said:

Too many hot piping peeps here

@wilbur - " hot piping peeps" lmao !!    


3 hours ago, Bojana said:

Us girls need Faris manbun pic, ktnx, pls forward here! 😘 

@Bojana "Manbun pic!!"  You are hilarious! 

More of my real life:  

1310784754_Screenshot(150).thumb.png.9800d0a65129242f7b66fad174e8c1ce.png 1801690104_Screenshot(113).thumb.png.12512cdf9d5a966b8279d44c552f58d6.pngCDOY5165.thumb.JPG.7c8eaeb70e5d315c02a090071a775cfc.JPG11795109458_Screenshot(361).thumb.png.d5d29383713d2d07e1b41ab7818a509c.png


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1 minute ago, Paigeturner said:

.....sorry if this offends anyone... this is for you Anonnep



@Paigeturner  You are the hottest woman here.  Hot. Holy hotness. Paige Turner is a head turner!  😎

You will not offend anyone here that's for sure. We are all a bunch of gamblers and degens, so shake it baby.  Seriously- you are beautiful. Also brave!! Nothing wrong with being gorgeous. 


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If I get 6 reactions or more, I will show my face, but for NOW... I shall stay semi-anonymous haha. Nice to "meet" you all ❤️😀 This is my 100th post yay! 


BOOM: Face reveal. haha Thanks for the love/reactions! 


Edited by CryptoAnt | My 100th Post! I forgot to mention!

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