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1 minute ago, Paigeturner said:

.....sorry if this offends anyone... this is for you Anonnep



@Paigeturner  You are the hottest woman here.  Hot. Holy hotness. Paige Turner is a head turner!  😎

You will not offend anyone here that's for sure. We are all a bunch of gamblers and degens, so shake it baby.  Seriously- you are beautiful. Also brave!! Nothing wrong with being gorgeous. 


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Well, this is the most beautiful community ever!👀

18 hours ago, Faris said:

Okay we know today Happy b day stake. But we boys need saw girls pic :D Share pics 

Faris, stalker, where's your pic? :P 😘 

10 hours ago, xtinepink said:

Wow! Surprisingly more men posted their pic. :D

It's a surprise indeed! :D 

10 hours ago, Bojana said:

I just realized we eat and/or drink on each photo we have xD Anyways... we miss Irena and Marija on this one :(, but @Mirela, let's show people we can be standing too, and take our liquor as champs! :D #mebitanniversary 


Lol, yeah, we either eat and drink too much, or we just have too many celebrations? xD 

This photo is ❤️! Can we photoshop it and add Irena and Marija there somehow, too? xD 


10 hours ago, Carollzinha said:

Whose house is in that second picture?, blondie? :D 



And.. that's me :P 





Blondie 😍 It's a rural-style restaurant :D 

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