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7 hours ago, tristay01 said:


awwww so cute! much softynesss :D hah dont mind my picture wanted to show you the little chinchilla's! <33


You have two 😁 Mine likes to be alone. I have four Chilean squirrels too and two cats and four dogs. 

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I'm PoserDispozr4..

Me and my brother and a friend of ours went camping and fishing at the lake, drinking a little too as well.  At around 12:30 - 1:30am, this guy stumbles into our campsite... Drunk as __blank, going on and on about how he is a diehard NASCAR fanatic and how he knows this guy and that guy in that driver's pit crew.. At first we were like WTF and very apprehensive.. But it turned out that the guy was just hilarious! So we let him stick around a while and got him even more drunk... LoL!! 



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