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ZenVow- Earn Money Breathing, Practicing Yoga and Meditation

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Earn money Breathing, Practicing Yoga and


Blockchain Proof of work plus ZenVow Proof of


Buddhist Economics


The Mission:

Un-Employ and liberate 1.2 Billion Wage Slaves (our beloved brothers and


Radically redesign the World Economy towards equality

Help spread love and compassion through technology

Enable Civilization 2.0


ZenVow (https://zenvow.com/) is revolutionary reward system for Breathing, Meditation and Yoga

practice using Decentralized Blockchain Technology. The ZenVow movement

in its core aspires to help liberate mankind for the pressures of financial

slavery. We have successfully come up with a framework that implement

Buddhist Economics.

It is a non profit humanitarian motivational core guided by ethics and

compassion (our products have a small profit in order to run the operation,

but 100% of the rewards are intended for the users).

We have developed a patent pending tamper proof yoga and meditation

sensor and a smart interactive color therapy meditation pad. Users who

practice Breathing Yoga and Meditation will be rewarded with crypto

currency called zenvow coins. Our end goal is to un-employ the bottom 1.2

billion workers, offering them a better alternative than wage slavery.

As we see it, the inherited financial system has foundations on negative

karma based on exploitation, greed and corruption. Unfortunaly most of the

human activity on the planet today exists because the monetary reward

system that functions as a form of financial slavery. Global wealth inequality

projections show that 1% of the world population holds more wealth than

bottom 50%, this number will grow to 60% by 2030 and 74% by 2050.

Most practicing Buddhists are not allowed to earn money of a living, they

theoretically live of donations and other external aids. Looking back in

history Buddhism sprouted in an era of ruling capitalism and has survived

2500 years. We do no intend to change the core principals of Buddhism and

the Dharma, we have just come up with a solution that can facilitate this kind

of lifestyle, by financially rewarding the practice making it more sustainable

and hopefully allowing more people to adopt this lifestyle.

The ZenVow movement aspires to help enable the liberation of humans from

the financial oppression system. The goal of the system is to offer the users

an alternative source of income to their normal source of income, by

motivating physical and mental exercise.

The time spent on breathing, meditation and Yoga exercises, tends to bring

out peace and compassion among practitioners, awakening the mind and

illuminating the heart. Time spent on any activity that generates these kinds

of results, should be financially rewarded. Satoshi Nakamoto gave us the

opportunity to start over fresh, instead of that we created more of the same.

The real power behind BlockChain Technology is to reward people for ethical

and moral behavior. This is the responsible business model of the future. As

Buddhist we need to avoid bad karma, and the zenvow is an alternative

solution that creates financial rewards from positive practices with overall

good karma.

We have built and tested several prototypes, we are satisfied with the final

solution and have applied for a patent regarding the whole framework,

monitor validation and reward system. All our prototypes are functioning

prototypes, the entire system (monitor validate and reward) has not been

implemented yet, only separately. We need a bit more time and money to

implement and test the entire system framework. We have other products in

the pipeline, such as the zenone meditation pad that will be reviled soon,

and the zenzero lamp. All these future products to facilitate conformable

guided meditation states.

There are several pre-alpha android versions of the app without UI that we

tested the ZenVow sensor and meditation pad data readings. The entire

framework is complex, we will need more time and money to implement it,

but it is totally in our grasp. The app will have built in guided breathing yoga

and meditation sessions, as well as a Crypto wallet that will allow users to

send and receive the rewards. Each user will only be allowed to own one

sensor, the meditation pad can be shared, and this is because of our temper

resistant protocol.

India is the motherland of yoga and meditation dating back to 2700 B.C.

Around 30% of Indian population practices yoga and meditate on a daily

basis that is around 470 million people. India has around 270 million people

living in extreme poverty living with 5 USD to 1USD. We will work with the

Indian government in a fist phase in order to secure 10 million ZenVow units

as a humanitarian aid program. We hope to target populations poverty as

much as we can, knowingly that you need to have a smartphone in order to

run our framework, but smartphone adoption is ever rising worldwide

reaching 2.8 billion this year. We hope to have our products in the hand of

users by mid-2019 so they can star receiving there rewards.


We have several security options currently in mind and implemented. One is

our own innovative solution still being tested that includes cryptographic

accelerator with secure hardware based key storage.

A major goal for us is to allocate 100% of the tokens just for rewards. They

will only be released with the products, this will ensure fair distributing, we

are studying several options such as a distribution system according the

user income, in order to help the people most in need. This data has to be

given to us by the government, so we intend to work closely with

governments in order to help the people how need the most. At the same

time we are studding other distribution options in order to balance the

equations in favor of the most in need, all of this balancing act to try not to

create a new inequality schema.

The objective of the ZenVow Meditation resorts is to allow for the creation of

a new sustainable alternative to the unsustainable economy we have today.

The new reward system is based on the principal of rewarding scientifically

proven healthy human activities in order to maximize the quality of human

life, without paying the heavy price of the undesired externalities such as

pollution, fauna and flora extinction, public health costs, among many


The ZenVow Meditation resorts will be managed using permaculture

techniques. Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable

ways of living as well as a practical method for developing ecologically

harmonious, efficient and productive systems that can be used by anyone,


ZenVow users receiving rewards inside the resort will receive a special

bonus, to be payed to the resort in order to be used for extra expenses such

as, maintenance costs, agricultural costs and energy costs and so on.

In a second phase the project intends to build meditation resorts, where

guests will have access to theoretical and practical classes of yoga and

meditation, clean shelter and organic food, in exchange for zenvow rewards

generated by their own exercises.

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