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[Investment] erena.io - The original Litecoin crash game & PvP Lottery

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https://erena.io is a LTC Bustabit-like crash game with some other features :

- PvP Speed lottery game
- Invest mode "Be the Bankroll"
- GFX and animations
- Weekly Events

Owners of the website are :

Ciro : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2108357
Maltroxic : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2107324

We plan to launch in August or early September but we are now looking for Investor(s) who might be interested to participate in our Bankroll in exchange of a % of shares in our project.
The minimum amount required to invest to become a partner is 100 LTC.

Investor(s) will be rewarded on a daily basis depending on the website profits.

If someone is interested, feel free to contact one of us in PM or via email : erena_io@protonmail.com


- Website is already licensed : http://bustabit.com/license.txt
- Owners share their IRL ID with every early investor(s)
- We will use a Multi-Signature cold wallet
- Database access monitored to avoid any abuse

Erena.io team

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Hello @Supremococ ,

100 LTC will give you a good ownership, but we won't disclose the % of ownership in public (feel free to chat with me by email).
Depending on your implication on our project and the amount invested, everything can be discussed between us.

When you are an early investor, all you investment goes into the bankroll, you earn a daily income based on the website benefits, and you can withdraw them (or not) on a daily basis.
Actually, our two main investors are using this daily scheme :

75% of the daily benefits goes to the investor

25% into the website's bankroll

Again, everything can be discussed between us ;)



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