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Devastating stake birthday outcome...

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I am utterly devastated by the outcome of yesterdays (August 10th) celebration of such a big event. No admins were there to celebrate. Support seemed like they didnt know it. No nothing,

It was the 1 year celebration of this awesome site and the community knew that! We all were here, some big user numbers showed! 

And there was nothing to celebrate with except the chat...

I really want some big ass party next time something big occurs! There wasnt even a special theme for the site!?


Please stake celebrate the big events better and make it look gooooood :)

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, Edward said:

Stake is about to undergo some real big changes so we pushed the celebration aspect of it back a little in case it clashed. Awesome to see so many people remembered, however. Stay tuned over the next week :D

Will it be the so waited faucet? ^^ Or is it a surprise? 😁😁

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8 hours ago, wilbur said:

Hahahahahaha well there is a stream coming for the celebration (late celebration) 

I got 50k from @Darko And 20k from @Irena tho. Seems like a taste of celebration for me

But i agree w u

Oh damn for what trivia ? But congrats

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