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What genre of music do you like?

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Nice topic, @taytots, happy someone thought of it :) 

I listen to many genres, it mostly depends on my mood - I like old-school hard rock classics, nothing beats that, listened a lot of rap in my teenage/formative years, and 
 even some types of metal can pass, but I need to.. umm, feel the song, I guess ;)

If we have to define ourselves in one genre, I would say  - alternative rock is something I have found myself in, and lately more and more indie, I don't know, it just feels good, and  I think that's the whole point of music - to make you feel something, bring back the memories, calm you down or lift you up :D I listen to a bit of pop too, let's say - high quality ones, usually if the performer has a great voice abilities, and a song has some meaningful lyrics, not tralalala songs :P (tralalala songs only under the shower... maybe in car, don't judge!!!)

Sometimes I listen to classical music, helped me work and focus while I was preparing classes/doing translations, and tamburica in the tavern is also a must (lol, Serbs will know what I'm talking about!) :D


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I like Nightcore while gambling 
i like chill rap or lofy hiphop while walking down the street 
i like lil peep while its snowing or raining 
i like summer music when its summer 
and again lil peep when its cold :D 
but while i gamble i do either nightcore or nothing 


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