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21 hours ago, gougou said:

@HumberRollssweet humberito you are the master on baccarat. i think its only luck but in my bets i see game plays to me 1/3

one wiin for me 3 loses

read books that share tips on how to win baccarat, theres a lot, if you master it then your god of bacarrat, i think that what humber is!, 

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I do play baccarat in real life casino and sometimes i do play stake’s baccarat. Stake’s baccarat doesn’t have the super six tho. I hope they add it soon. Anyway my strategy is to use progressive betting. For example: 1st bet is 10k and u lose then my next bet is 20k and then if i lose again ill bet 40k. I just keep doubling the amount of my lost bet. Do the same everytime u win. If u ever get 5x streak win then thats good enough to stop.

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I think thi sgame is horrible. much more horrible than bloody diamonds lol. for me that is.

since atleast bloody diamonds has 50% chance winning, here you can have as low as 33.33% chance of winning accompanied by only a double your amount wagered or 1.9x( if u bet on banker)

you can increase winnings by betting on a tie but it only comes up sometimes with a 33.33% again or might be lesser due to the number of cards that are possible to mix with one another.

with these i can say that i hate this game lol and i don't see myself making profits with this one, although it's fun to win when you think you're gonna lose

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