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Did you know you can super speed keno?

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I wonder how many people know this or play this way...                                                                            
If you want to play keno very fast, just go on auto bet... and kind of spam the start auto bet and stop auto bet button,
If you do this on the right time, it will start playing the games super fast...                                            
If you do it too many times, it will tell you to slow down... so if you do it the right amount of times, it will like double or triple your games played speed..
this is yet another reason why i think we should have an option to play games faster... Its being done anyway... might as well legitimize it!

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im surprised you did not know this : )                                           
glad i can share...                                                                                                                     

idk why i assume everyone knows what i know : )                                            

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Didnt know this about keno. And never really played it either other then trying to win at the ethereum challenges. Hah!

I think this is the reason why they created multibetting too. For faster and more amount of bets placed in a given amount of time. ;)

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