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Easy way to hit x1000 in plinko ... Ninja technique

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On 8/13/2018 at 1:34 PM, anonnep said:

As we  know  that plinko is  one  of  most popular  game  in stake  and  many people  want to hit highest of  payout 


As  i saw  many people  are  struggling i did  some  deep research for  3-5  days  and  i came  to a  conclusion 
that there  is a  easy way to hit x1000 in plinko 

As  today i am going to revel some  secret :) 




Thanks  to @stimubate for  his  help  :) 

@badger @77kdub @chrisconn63 @christy @Spooncy @VINSIN @veleten

@Neverever @nadiya14 @zuxel @Etude @Lillyflow @KinAniK @Katarina @blueprints @Bojana


lololollololol... thats a smart idea.. since plink gor its on gravitational pull towards the middle.. challenge it with your own magnet and see which can pull stronger.. genius!!! lolololollololol

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lol. really is i looking to find and hit 1000x and calculating for rolls, than i remember one of post and looking for plinko hit chance. during find that post and i saw this post, really happy and click that. but here is using with magnet.. really cant stop my self. :D

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