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Do You Listen to KPop?

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The first time I heard about KPop was 2010 when Girls' Generation Genie and Wonder Girls Nobody dominated the top 10 list in the local music channel here in my country. That time I didn't pay attention to their music because I don't understand the lyrics.

Just last year, around October I saw Amber of girl group f(x) in a video of Buzzfeed then I tried listening to their songs and got hooked. Now aside from listening to f(x), I am following Twice, Red Velvet, BlackPink, Day6 and TaeYeon. Though I don't understand the lyrics of their songs at first I can't deny that most of the kpop songs are bop and catchy.

Do you listen to KPop? If yes, which group/idol do you stan? :)

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2 minutes ago, UchihaRaj said:

Of Course , K- Pop has nice tunes to kill the time. My favourite : The BTS . 

BTS is one of the famous korean boy group now, I like their song Fire its one of my workout song 😄

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Used to hate it, not gonna lie, but when my sister listen k-pop songs especially BTS (from what I've heard, it's one of the best k-pop groups out there) on a loud speaker, dang I started to like it, I mean its just music, why hate it?

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