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What's your religion?

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Umbandista? Its a fresh religion to me can you share some of your doctrine, anyway Catholic is a most wide religion in the history, infact some of us has been baptized under that religion during our childhood,however by searching they have a lot of contradiction against the Bible, so far I am searching a religion that teaches  according to words of God😁

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On 9/17/2017 at 10:05 PM, Gisele said:

What do you think about Religion?

Is a thing that can help our country and World? Do you believe in God?

Tell us. I'm Umbandista .

Religion is a means of expression, expansion and protection for those who have a ......

I think how little help to grow the country to the extent that we use it to double our strength of attacques for a better! That's why we have to believe in something bigger than us to draw our energy from typing ...

These ar my thoughts about religion .. thanks for the question

On 9/19/2017 at 12:21 AM, Gisele said:

And what do you think about religion and education? 

Religion must be teaching in all schools ? 

religion and education are two very diferetes things and no no no the two can not be put together in my opinion because in the same school, we can find several religion !!

Religion must be taught in all schools?


Cheer...! bro

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I just follow religion rules like being good to other people, even enemies. But I don't believe in god made by only one religion. I treat it as a mix of all religions in the world (excecpt cargo cult, pastafarian etc.) but mostly christianity - by idea of god as something impossible to see and taoism - by rules of living.

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Am not a religius person , I might call myself a christian, but its not because I want to , but my belief fall hard on those who believe in Christ so am a christian but when you look at things then you realize then there is importance of knowing God, when you know God religion to you will never matter, God is the only key to what we believe and how we live, and its very important.

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