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From 1440 faucet to .0012

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2 minutes ago, blurrijs said:

damn, You have to be really lucky to get a winning spree and win that, I still don't understand how, my own record is only 5 sats to 17k xD 

Yes you need a winning streak AND a winning gut to make the right risky increase in wagers at the right times. your profit should graph like stairs lol. steep steep stairs

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On 8/7/2017 at 2:34 AM, Bes19 said:

My first time here in stake is quite good since i know almost everyone here. One of my good memory on my first week here s when i made .0012 from 1440 faucet lol i never liked playing Mines even before but now, i changed my mind i freaking love it now xD What i did is max bet all my balance then every 5 tiles, i cashout my profit. I was trying to hit atleast 7-8 tiles But i'm afraid coz i might get that bomb xD after i made .0012 i change my game into sphere dice and guess what? I busted it all for 5 minutes *sigh* Dice here is rigged af xD JK. I should've stick with Mines :/

Congratulations on that win 🏆

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Hi! Yeah, it's clear it's stupid to succeed with such a good job and lose everything just like that it's raging!
but then... we learn from our mistakes and you won't do it again!
I had really huge hardships like that too, at first I went in a ball and then with time I learned to put it in perspective! it doesn't bother me to get energized anyway but now I don't break anything at home!!XDXD!!!
   Hi everyone!!! 😁

PS:uh I see the other message of the topic it all says congratulations and I agree with them, but if I understood well your everything lost at dice sphere after sphere no??😕

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