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keno strategy conversation

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Keno is one of my favorite games to gamble, and I find that I spend the majority of my time here playing it or trying to build up my bank so I can play.

I also play keno on other gaming platforms, and I have noticed something about the way keno plays itself out on stake.  If you have your favorite numbers you play,

and you decide to keep them unchanged and just play on, my experience has been that if I do that my winning percentage diminishes significantly, and I go bust.

Not cool.  It appears to me, that keeping your numbers static is not a good idea.  So I have tested it quiet a bit, and Im 90% sure that this is not a good strategy.  So what I did to test my theory was to keep half my number static, and half of them I make it a point to pick new numbers that are relatively close to the old number, usually an adjacent square or one that is diagonal from the the original one (I used the diagonal thing just to have a system to follow, fyi).  What I get time and time again is if leave all my numbers static,  I might get 2 hits, sometimes 3 but never more.  When I pick new numbers, I start getting hits again.  When I get lazy and don't want to move the numbers around, I almost always loose!  Pick fresh numbers (on atleast half of your total) seems to keep things fresh.  I personally favor using the 4 corner numbers, and I rarely move those, but since you dont' get all four corners hitting in everygame I have started changing them out also.  Of course when I do, the next game that corner seems to hit and I am kicking my self for not being patient, lol, but thats gambling.  anyway, I am sharing , and hoping someone else has experienced something similar.  If you have a better system than the one i am using , please , by all means, I would love to hear from you. 


Anyway, thanks for reading , and GL!



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It's normal.

If you keep the same numbers, after a time you will end by hitting multiple game sin a row without any of those numbers, it's just statistic. 

Like in dices with a 2x payout you will finally hit 30 or more reds in a row. That serie will be longer to hit if your balance is bigger but at the end it will hit, even if you could have 1k+ red in a row.

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