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Which side are you, a trader or hodler?

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If I were to ask you, which do you think earns more, the trader or the hodler? 

On my side I would pick the hodler. Prolly because they are patient enough to actually sell at the right peak of the coin. Sometimes the hodler usually hold it for years to actually see the potential of a coin.

I saw a link on a good characteristics of a good coin which also I can agree, check the link here: https://medium.com/@BountyBase/six-characteristics-of-a-good-coin-b966b127f687

All in all the bottom line of hodler and a trader is to earn profit, but which side are you?

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7 minutes ago, terma said:

whats different btw hodler and trader explain

The difference is that the hodler are the people who bought a coin/token that does a long term investment in a token or coin while the trader or day trader are people who always checks the crypto market and sells it whenever he hits his desired price and sell it and repeat it again. Like what I have said, both of them still have the goal of earning some profits. 

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Both are really good way to earn money. To be a hodler we need more patience, ability to take risk and  'buy and forget' attitude. On the other hand, to be a trader,you should understand market, news, risk taking mentality and all. Both are hard to be. Some coins gave good returns for hodlers some didn't. So, the trickiest part is to find the coin which gives good returns.  If you ask me being both a trader and a hodler is the best way to earn money. 

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