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How to enter giveaways? Here are the steps

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Heya stakers and friends! 

So I wanna let others know how to join giveaways especially those new members. 


How to participate in the giveaways? Just follow these easy steps. 


1. Ofc to start you need to have two accounts, one is in https://stake.com/ and here in stake forum. 

2. You must link your stake username account to your forum account as this will be helpfull to send the giveaway payouts. 

*to do that simply go to your forum, select accounts-account settings-edit profile-link your username.


3. The giveaway topics are always posted here: https://forum.stake.com/board/138-official/

Always check if it’s the latest giveaways. 

If it indicates a lock 🔒 emoji then it’s already over, you can participate with the other giveaways. 




4. Always check the requirement and instructions in the first page of the giveaway thread.




5. Make sure not to play with alts and do not abuse the giveaway as you can get yourself banned and can no longer enter any future giveaway. 


6. Lastly have fun :D good luck on those hunts! Go go go 🍀 🎉 🥂 



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1 minute ago, xtinepink said:

Yes. Just dont spam and post at once. Gl

I need to join the giveaway untill 3 september what do i do


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Just follow the instructions on the giveaway page 

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