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Spark: A new simple and light GUI wallet for c-lightning (BTC)

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Developped by Nadav Igvi, Spark is a light wallet for bitcoin with GUI web-based and available for Windows, Linux, Mac or as an app for phones (Androïd and soon iOS).

Transactions are spend on the Lightning Network and the app allow each user to run their own node (c-lightning node). All in a very simple and minimalistic interface and with almost no configuration (nice for non dev).

A little visual to help represent what this is about


Spark is flexible in that it can be configured to be run in multiple ways. One way is to run Spark in order to access it remotely via a web browser. Another way is to run it locally with the Electron-based app. A third way is to run Spark as a server and connect to it with the Android app.

You can download the Spark wallet on Github : https://github.com/shesek/spark-wallet

And if you need a guide to install/use it, all you need is on this page : https://hackernoon.com/harnessing-lightning-for-instant-bitcoin-transacting-a-tutorial-3b9dcdc00552

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It just amazes me that there are great technology being made each day. And even weird thing can be done in any way that people might think of as long as it’s possible and useful ofc. 

There are many wallets out there for bitcoins and a new addition to that is called Spark. Spark is a minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning, accessible using your web and devices through mobile and desktop apps.

One of the main component of the Spark Lightning wallet is that users can perform off-chain Lightning Network transactions. With this,Spark to fully realize the UX enabled by lightning, without worrying about the complications and friction of on-chain. 

What are your thoughts? 


Read more of that here: 



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