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What's better?

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On 9/1/2018 at 5:39 AM, kuba122388 said:

What is better? And what is easier to do? 

ABS or muscle? 


lol its easir to have muscle than abs, base on my experience, muscle is almost all part of the body while abs you need to concentrated on one part

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Neither... and neither is needed aswell to be healthy... thats all for vanity... aslong youre eating healthy, going out for walks.. you are fine.. that will keep you toned and strong.. i dont understand why people punish and torture themselves for abs or muscles.. none of that will matter.. better work out your inner self rather than out is what i would say... xD sorry if that came out wrong.. thats not meant to be rude.. just saying.. no need to waste your time and energy on such things.. there are better things you can spend all that energy on.. ;) 

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Running every day, also health. Doctors repeatedly repeat this. The most necessary for human health is running. Blood throughout the body flows at normal pressure, breathing normalizes.

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