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Hello, everyone!

We would like to hear some feedback on Stake support so far. Whether good or bad, we would like to hear your opinion.

We are trying our best to provide fast, efficient, and friendly help, but there is always room for improvement and reaching the perfection.

Please, leave your comments/suggestions on this thread, 


Regards from your Support team!

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The Support team is as always is great. No matter what time of the day it is, they always replied me. 

When I am too in confusion, they have tried their best to give me the solutions.

Last I want to say that Support team is the backbone of the STAKE family :D


A great Support Staff whom I love :



Bojana :D

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  • 3 weeks later...
40 minutes ago, StrikeBALL said:

Support works well! Especially note the good work Milan, Vladimir, Darko

Strike doesn't like girls from support... :( 

2 minutes ago, maverick528 said:

Jelena´s pic.


Coming soon! :D 

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4 minutes ago, maverick528 said:

No no and no. It took me 3+ years to post a pic, but Support is Support. Customer complaints should be solved in 30 secs or less.


You can try convincing her in an hour. :P 

3 minutes ago, StrikeBALL said:

I love girls))) you are also doing a good job!

Heheh, kidding, but if you have any suggestions how to make things work better, feel free to tell us, we are really looking forward to your feedback! :) 

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14 hours ago, Kargai said:

True. A link in the footer will probably be helpful for some players (it's the usual place for that on most of the websites)... but more visible = more reports = more work = more coffee for the Support Team (need to check the Stake bankroll for that).

We need that blue smiling button in the bottom right corner for easy access! :D 

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